Friday 5

  1. What are you ahead on? I mean, technically nothing because there’s nothing that needs done in a timely fashion, but I am making good time on starting the weekend chores. It seems like I usually get to it later, but I have a load of laundry in already.
  2. Who’s slowing you down? 100% myself, in all things at all times.
  3. When did you last stumble getting out of the gate? This morning. I changed my routine because of the cat. When I first started working from home, I’d get up a half-hour before I had to clock in and eat breakfast, pay bills, etc., and then I got lazy and started sleeping in and eating at my desk. Well, the cat loves that. The cat enjoys spending her time trying to eat anything I eat, so not only was I trying to work and eat at the same time, but I was also wrangling a cat, so everything was taking me longer to do (see #2). A couple Fridays ago, I cracked and decided this wasn’t working and I’d start getting up early again, and for the most part, I have been, but this morning, I just couldn’t do it. And so I ate at my desk, which attracted the cat, and both of those things slowed down my work.
  4. How’s your mane these days? My dye is fading, but the good news is I use colored conditioner that will fix that. It’s also frizzy today. That one’s a mystery.
  5. When did you most recently find yourself unexpectedly hoofing it somewhere? Look, I’m late for almost everything, but when we were heading to a christening, we were slowed down by the cat deciding that was a great time to run into garage and under the car. So we lost a good few minutes coaxing her out and getting her in the house, and as a result, we were a bit more hurried than we would’ve been otherwise.

From Friday 5.

2 responses to “Friday 5”

  1. I have permission to work from home when I need to, but I never do it. I can’t seem to focus on work when I’m in the house. Do you not have similar issues?

    I do have permission to take the laptop to a cafe and work, something I do once in a while.

    • I do sometimes. Yesterday was one of those days where I was tired anyway and just felt like I couldn’t focus. But I think the fact that my job has specific things that need to get done and our speed measured makes it easier.

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