Friday 5: From the Top

  1. What’s a food or drink whose bottom is better than its top? Creme brulee, because I’m surely the only person alive who does not like the top. I’m also a fan of the caramel at the bottom of a caramel macchiato and how it mixes with the drink.
  2. What’s at the top of your weekend agenda? Sleeping in!
  3. When did you last wear a non-hat covering for your head? I have a headband in right now to push the bangs out of my face.
  4. What tunes did you spin this week? I actually compile a playlist and write about it every week over on Medium! I always like the weekly playlists, because obviously, but last week’s was longer than they’ve been lately and had a lot of great stuff on it. I post a new one every Friday.
  5. When were you last on the roof of a building? I’m not sure. Certainly not recently, and the only things coming to mind are parking garages.

From Friday 5.

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