Saturday 9: The Champion

Saturday 9: The Champion (2018)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about doing what it takes to win. What’s the most recent competition you won? (Yes, online solitaire counts.) In that case, probably solitaire. Or a Candy Crush level.

2) The lyrics tell us to “go ahead and put your bets on me.” Do you often play games of chance — like the office football pool, or slot machines, or the lottery? Not often, but I do enjoy them.

3) The video includes footage of young people competing in The Special Olympics. What’s your favorite sport to watch? Is it the same sport you most enjoying playing?  
Hockey. I’ve never played it–outside of air hockey, which I always loved–but I do think I’d enjoy it if I did.

4) This week’s featured artist, Carrie Underwood, first came to America’s attention when she won on American Idol. Prior to competing on that show, she’d never been on an airplane. How old were you when you took your first flight? 17.

5) Carrie loves horror and her favorite author is Stephen King. What book are you currently reading? I believe there are four in my current stack–Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice, The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larson, Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, and A Brightness Long Ago by Guy Gavriel Kay. There’s a slight fantasy/supernatural bent at the moment, which is pure coincidence.

6) Carrie’s duet partner on “The Champion” is rapper Ludacris. In addition to making music, he acts and has appeared in one Sam’s favorite shows, Law & Order: SVU. What’s your favorite “cop show?” That’s definitely one of them. It’s tough because I do generally enjoy them, but they’re also all mostly the same.

7) Ludacris is a distant cousin of comedian Richard Pryor. Have you studied your family’s genealogy? Not extensively, but I know a couple relatives know a good bit and keep track of everything, even now–marriages, births, deaths, everything.

8) Soccer was a big deal in 2018, the year this song was released. According to Google, “FIFA World Cup” was the news story that generated the most internet searches. What’s the last thing you “googled?” I believe it was hours for one of the local malls.

9) Random question: You’re battling the flu. The doctor advises you to stay in bed a full five days. As you begin feeling better (around Day 3), do you continue to follow doctor’s orders? Or do you get up and start moving before you’re supposed to? Oof. I probably make myself stay in bed until at least Day 4, because I do know myself well enough to know that I have a tendency to overdo it when I’m sick and make things worse, so I try to be aware of that and give myself more time to rest than I think I need. But if I’m really feeling a lot better, I don’t think I’m making it until Day 5. I may know that bedrest is probably for the best, but I’m impatient and still kind of an idiot when it comes to listening to my body.

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