Saturday 9: Go Where Baby Lives

Unfamiliar with this week’s song. Hear it here.

1) The lyrics tell us that the girl of his dreams lives up on a hill. Is there a hill near your home? Or is the terrain pretty flat where you are? I kind of live on a hill. I just forget about it because it’s small and I don’t go down it much.

2) Another clue to her whereabouts is that she’s about a mile from town. Will you be staying close to home this weekend, or will you be traveling a mile or more? We’re heading into Pittsburgh for brunch this afternoon.

3) Sam admits she’s crazy about the sax solo. Is there a particular musical instrument that you love to listen to? Guitar, violin, and piano.

4) This is the only record The Strollers made for States, a company based out of Chicago. States was only in existence for five years (1952-57) and this was the 63rd or 64 records released before they went out of business. Tell us about a business in your neighborhood that recently closed their doors. It wasn’t super recent–within the last several months–but my favorite Italian restaurant in town. It was kind of a dive but everyone knew they had the best food, and they shut down. The story I heard was they couldn’t keep it staffed.

5) More than 60 years after its initial release, this song enjoyed new popularity when Xfinity used it in commercials for their wifi. What company is your internet service provider? Are you happy with it? I have Xfinity. I know hating Comcast is popular, but other than the prices, I have no complaints.

6) In researching this week’s song, Sam googled “strollers” and was surprised to discover how many different types of baby buggies are available today. When did you most recently push a child in a stroller? Strangely, despite having a baby niece, I haven’t in a long while. Last time I was out and about with her, she was in a carrier, and normally everyone just wants to hold her and fights for her.

7) In 1957, the year this song was released, President Eisenhower celebrated his second inaugural with a parade featuring more than 50 marching bands. The mercury never quite reached 45º that day. How’s the weather outside your front door? Well, we woke up to a nice dusting of snow.

8) One of the best-selling books of 1957 was Peyton Place. This steamy saga of small town life launched two films, two television series, and several made-for-tv movies. Is there a book that you enjoyed that was successfully turned to a movie? I’m reading a couple of those now, actually, now that I think about it. I’m reading The Girl Who Played with Fire, which didn’t get an American movie but did get a Swedish one, although I haven’t seen it yet; The Vampire Lestat, the plot of which was shoehorned into the movie Queen of the Damned and wasn’t necessarily what I’d call a success; and Good Omens, which got what sounds to be a very faithful and beloved miniseries adaptation on Amazon Prime.

9) A Peyton Place-inspired question: Can a man be physically unfaithful to a woman, but still love her? I think so because I think sometimes these things are more complicated than we think they are or want them to be–in some ways, it’s easier to think someone cheated because they don’t love you. But I do think if someone’s cheating, there are bigger problems that need to be addressed.

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