All is well with baby and I (and, of course, Paul, but he doesn’t come to the doctors appointments anymore because he’s not allowed, so…). Next appointment is in three weeks–well, two now–and they’re going with telemedicine for that one. They sent me home with a blood-pressure cuff so I can do that myself. I suspect I’ll only have a few of these appointments before they want to see me in person again, since I am in the third trimester (!) and my appointments will be more frequent and more involved.

I took myself to Starbucks after. I’ve been dying for a tasty beverage, especially one I can’t get at home. Of course, I’m watching my caffeine intake and have to be careful about herbal teas, but I still have options.

It was also the first time I’ve really been out, particularly since the state mandated wearing masks, and man the one Paul made irritated the shit out of me. I mean, it’s functional, but it fogged up my glasses and wouldn’t stay in place and I felt very silly, even if everyone else is using them, mostly. My mom did see someone get kicked out of a store for not wearing one. The woman said she wouldn’t shop there anymore, and the cashier who wouldn’t wait on her told her if she doesn’t wear one, she’s not gonna be shopping anywhere. I just ordered two online, and the homemade one can be a backup.

Work is still going for both of us. Word is now Paul’s company’s move to Mexico, announced last year, may not be finished until the end of next year yet. Our workload has changed in interesting ways–we’ve lost business (temporarily) in some areas but gained in others in ways I didn’t really expect but do seem obvious is retrospect, and we were busy enough this week that they offered overtime and I was able to pick up a few hours. I know some of my co-workers practically rely on overtime and we’re not on that level, but knowing my next paycheck will have a little extra to throw at bills is nice. Especially knowing I’m gonna have to use FMLA when the baby is born, meaning I won’t be getting paid.

Neither of us gets any kind of paid leave, in fact, but we’ve thrown around the idea of using staggered FMLA–I take mine first to recover, obviously, and then he takes his after to get in some bonding time. That way, even though we’ll be down a paycheck in both instances, at least something is coming in and he gets some time at home, too.

This weekend, Paul made homemade flatbread again. He was getting into bread baking pre-lockdown, but now he’s even more into it, and the flatbread last weekend was so simple and turned out so good that he did it again. This time, we used it for tomato sandwiches. Meanwhile, I made these really simple three-ingredient lemon bars.

We did a family FaceTime with Eliana twice, the second time in part for Brandon and Kelly to help me flesh out my baby registry. I’ve been saying since I got pregnant I wanted their help on that, although I thought maybe it would happen sitting around at my mom’s house with Eliana. Instead, it was virtual, but Eliana was very awake and smiley and chatty. Meaning it took way longer than it needed to, but who cares?

This week brings my last Saturday working for the month, then back to a normal schedule. And…another week locked down. Again.

Saturday 9: All Right

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) This song has an optimistic message about love: “It gets tough sometimes, but you can give it one more try …” Do you tend to take an optimistic look at life? I think so, for the most part.

2) In this song, Christopher Cross sings, “Time and time again I see people so unsure like me …” Tell us about a recent time when your confidence could have used a boost. I made some mistakes at work, which left me feeling not great.

3) The Doobie Bros.’ Michael McDonald plays on this record. Do you have a favorite Doobie Bros. song? My husband and I were just talking about this not too long ago because we were listening to a song I didn’t realize was by The Doobie Bros. I haven’t listened to them a ton,  but I’d have to go with “Listen to the Music” and “Black Water.”

4) Though no longer making hits, Christopher Cross still has loyal fans who attend his concerts. Time permitting, he spends time after each show signing autographs. Have you ever asked a celebrity for his/her autograph? Yeah, I have some signed ticket stubs.

5) Christopher Cross’ dad was an Army doctor stationed at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, DC. With all the museums and monuments, our nation’s capital could be a great place for a kid to grow up … except sometimes we take the advantages of our hometown for granted. Tell us about a nearby museum, park, theater, etc., you’ll visit again when this period of crisis is over and it’s agreed that it’s safe to do so. I’d like to go to the conservatory/botanical gardens in Pittsburgh, as well as the botanical gardens where our wedding was–I actually always thought it would be cool to go back and do newborn/family portraits one day when the time came, and, well, the time has almost come, so I want to do that when I can. I want to go to the zoo, the symphony, the ballet…

6) In 1983, when “All Right” was popular, Flashdance was a hit in movie theaters and on the radio. What’s the most recent movie you watched? Most recent song you heard on the radio? I believe the last movie I watched was Jojo Rabbit. I haven’t listened to the radio in a while because I haven’t been driving, and when I did go to take my car to a doctors appointment, the battery was dead and I ended up taking my husband’s car (and he couldn’t come with me to the appointment due to social-distancing guidelines the office put in place). He had an ELO CD in, and I believe the song that played when I started the car was “Telephone Line.” At this moment, I am listening to “Shades of Scarlett Conquering” by Joni Mitchell.
7) Also in 1983, America West Airlines took off, flying between Las Vegas and Phoenix. They went nationwide in 2005 after they merged with US Airways. In 2013, they merged again, this time with American Airlines. Do you collect miles in an airline loyalty program? No, I haven’t flown in years. I’d like to, it’s just that the timing and finances have never worked out at the same time.

8) Super Mario Bros. debuted in 1983. Can you name gaming’s most famous siblings? Mario and Luigi!

9) Random question — Under hypnosis, you discover you lived three past lives. In the first, you were wealthy beyond your wildest imaginings, thanks to a loveless marriage. In the second, you were a star on the roller derby circuit who had earned the nickname “Smasher.” In the third, you were a brilliant mathematician who worked your way through school as an exotic dancer. Which of these would you find most shocking? I think the roller derby is the least shocking–it’s not something I see myself doing, sure, but marrying someone I didn’t love and being a mathematician  are far more out of character. Even exotic dancing, I’d just be like, “Eh, alright, cool, good for me.”