Friday 5 for April 3: AKA March 73rd

  1. What did you have too much of this week? Work, even though I only worked four days. I am glad to still be employed right now, don’t get me wrong, but it means life feels very normal right now and sometimes a short week doesn’t feel like a short week, you know?
  2. What did you have not enough of this week? Cherry icees. I’ve been craving them, but where does one get a cherry icee in the middle of a pandemic?
  3. What did you have in just the right amount or number? Maybe sleep. I’ve felt a little more awake during the day lately and haven’t consistently napped in the afternoon, but I did sleep in a bit this morning.
  4. What’s better today than it was a week ago? Our finances, which again, I get that it’s a rarity, but we got a nice, big tax refund and put a chunk of it towards credit-card debt. We’re both working like normal right now but are both concerned that may not last, so we’re trying to prepare for that.
  5. When they make a movie about last month, what would be a good song for the soundtrack? I included Rick Springfield’s “Human Touch” in my Medium weekly playlist. If you’re a fan of his and that song, which it’s so catchy, how could you not be, he also had a fun reworking of it on Facebook for the times.

From Friday 5.

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