Friday 5: Silver

  1. What was the last thing you purchased second-hand? I think it was a pair of maternity shorts from Poshmark. The local maternity stores are going out of business/moving to online only, so I hit those sales in the winter but knew I’d need some summer items. And now it’s looking increasingly possible I’ll just spend the summer part of this pregnancy indoors and in pajamas.
  2. What’s a dish you cannot resist a second helping of? Any pasta dish and anything made from one of my grandma’s recipes.
  3. How many seconds can you go right now without blinking? I actually made it a full minute, then didn’t feel like counting anymore.
  4. Whose second album is much better than their debut album? Oh, man. I combed through my iTunes for this and settled on Regina Spektor, but there’s a catch–she had two self-released albums before her label debut, Soviet Kitsch, but because of availability, I’m counting Soviet Kitsch as her first. Which is a great album! But its follow-up, Begin to Hope, has “Fidelity,” which is fairly well-known, plus “Better,” “Samson,” “On the Radio,” and “Après Mois,” which I frankly consider to be a masterpiece. I mean, Peter Gabriel covered it. Come on. (Although if I’m being honest, despite the nice addition of his dark, dramatic strings, he just doesn’t match her delivery, and therefore, the cover doesn’t have the power and intensity of the original.)
  5. What’s something for which you were runner-up? Eh, not much, really, because I never played sports or really did anything  competitive. But I’ve certainly felt like the runner up in certain aspects in my life, and not in the kind of positive sense but in the most cast-aside sense.

From Friday 5.

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