Friday 5: Come on in and Cover Me

  1. What are you using for a face covering when you venture out? I’m pregnant, and the advice from my doctor is don’t go out. But of course, I did have to go to a doctors appointment this week, so I used a mask my husband made out of an old T-shirt. My next appointment is online, so there’s a chance the next time I venture out will be to actually have the baby.
  2. What’s a recent cover you like of a song you already liked? I can’t think of a recently released one, but one that was recently discussed in our house was Peter Gabriel’s cover of Regina Spektor’s “Après Moi.” I’ll have to write about it over on Medium, but the consensus here is that while it’s a great cover, he doesn’t match her intensity. I even feel like his use of an orchestra versus her piano makes a huge difference, gorgeous as it is.
  3. How good are you at keeping track of food storage container lids? Terrible, and we even try to keep them all in a bin.
  4. When did you last cover for someone? Ooh, I don’t know. I can’t think of when I would’ve had reason to that was, like, outside of my parents’ house covering for my brother or something. It just hasn’t come up.
  5. In your residence, what has a special cover? It’s not a special cover, but we bought a cover for one of the litter boxes because Sarge has this thing about very aggressively and messily trying to bury his poop, which generally ends up with these piles of litter all over the floor. The hope was that the cover would either make him feel a little more secure and he wouldn’t feel the need to bury his poop as such or that even if he tried, the litter would stay contained, and the result has mostly been that last one–we can hear him digging still. But hey, whatever, as long as it works.

As always, from Friday 5.

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