Friday 5: Both Sides Now

  1. What side of you do people at work never see? I don’t want to say they never see my fun side, but that’s so depressing to think about. But it’s kind of true. I’m quieter and focus on getting things done, which is fine, I just feel like if you were to show my coworkers a video of me with my friends or even family, they’d be a little surprised.
  2. What will you be doing outside this weekend? I had a drive-by baby shower, so I was parked under a tent at the end of my mom’s driveway. And my husband and I just went out and dealt with some weeds in the front of the house that have gotten way out of hand. I’m limited in what I can do and tuckered out quick, but it’s less of an eyesore now. And unless he runs out of steam, too–and I hope not because today’s probably ideal for these things–he’s laying some mulch to pretty it up a bit. I was originally gonna put some money in to professional landscaping this year, and then I got pregnant and said nope, not spending on that right now.
  3. What usual side dish do you frequently enjoy as an entree? Things like potato salad, although in my family, potato salad is an entirely acceptable meal.
  4. What food that is flipped during cooking have you most recently consumed? I believe it was pancakes, but that was a few weeks ago yet.
  5. What’s recently been a thorn in your side? Pregnancy pains. Like, I shuffle around half the time, and now probably because of heat and being on my feet more than usual yesterday, my right foot is swollen.
  6. Bonus question for people who can answer it: What album has a flawless B side? I was gonna go with Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, but “Oh Daddy” doesn’t do it for me.

From Friday 5.

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