Friday 5: Aa Bb Cc Dd Ed Ff Gg Hh

  1. When did you last do something resembling a book report? A proper one, probably college.
  2. What was your most recent art project? I’m not an artsy person. I’m really bad at drawing and things, so I don’t enjoy it, so I avoid it. Closest I came was a sign for the gift drop-off for my drive-by baby shower. My mom got pretty creative with it. The printable invitations we found had little safari animals with masks on, and she took that design and put it on a sign and arranged plastic fern-like leaves to the corners. One of my tasks the day of the shower was to affix the leaves to the sign, which I did with a hot glue gun.
  3. When were you last called upon to do show & tell? That’s kind of what opening gifts was like. If we didn’t have a few cars lined up, I went ahead and opened the visitor’s gift right then and there, but for the most part, we put them in the garage and filmed me opening them later so we can send them to the gift givers. So it’s a lot of me opening things, showing them off to the small group who was there, announcing who it was from, and thanking them.
  4. When did you last feel like someone playing hide and seek? I’m playing hide and seek from the ‘rona.
  5. When did you last have some milk and/or cookies? Just now! My husband is on Day 1 of unemployment and made cookies over the weekend, and he just came back with a small plate of them to share.

From Friday 5.

2 thoughts on “Friday 5: Aa Bb Cc Dd Ed Ff Gg Hh”

  1. Anything involving using a glue gun to affix thing A to sign B is an art project.
    What kind of cookies?

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