Friday 5: And We Are Merely Players

  1. When were you last onstage, literally or figuratively? Literally, it’s been a while. Probably whenever I last read at an event, which would’ve been two years ago or so. Figuratively, childbirth kind of felt that way, with a whole room full of people focused on you.
  2. Beginning with the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, what would you name the different personal stages you’ve been through to today? It’s mostly been one long stage of Homebody, broken up by the stages of pregnancy–this all started near the end of my second trimester, escalated in the third, and my area then relaxed into a “green phase.” But now that the baby is here, cases are spiking and things seem to be getting worse, so we’re doubling down on staying home. The only public place the baby has entered is his pediatrician’s office.
  3. When did you unintentionally upstage someone, or when did someone unintentionally upstage you? I don’t know!
  4. How or when do you experience stage fright? I get nervous before any sort of reading or performance or anything like that I’ve ever done. It’s normally a little bit of uneasiness in my stomach and an inability to sit still. With readings, it tends to persist until I’m done, but back when I danced and did musicals in high school, it disappeared about a minute or so into the performance, maybe not even that long. I always knew that once I was out there, I’d be fine, and in fact, it kind of turns into a rush.
  5. What are you in the early stages of, and what are you the late stages of? I’m in the early stages of parenthood (and my leave). I don’t know about late stages. I can’t really say pregnancy, and although there’s probably a logical transition into parenthood, it’s not like I’d spent the last few months or even the time before I got pregnant still drinking and partying a ton. I had the occasional late night, but it’s not like my lifestyle has changed dramatically, strange as that may sound coming from a new mom.

From Friday 5.

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