Friday 5: Hopscotch and Crayons

  1. What was your favorite piece of playground equipment when you were a kid? The swings and monkey bars. Mastering how to do flips off of the monkey bars was the thing for the girls to do at a certain age.
  2. What do you remember about your first-grade teacher? Pick the earliest grade teacher you remember, if you don’t remember anything about your first-grade teacher. Her name was Miss Marino, and she was older with dark hair that was greying.
  3. What’s an especially memorable field trip you took with a class in your very early years? I remember going to the ballet a couple times, which in retrospect was probably not the greatest thing to hold young kids’ attention.
  4. What are some fads you remember from your elementary school days? Did you get into them? Pokemon! Pogs! Yo-yos! Slap bracelets! I did it all!
  5. If your elementary school had food service, what’s a lunch you were especially fond of, and what’s a lunch you were especially not fond of? We didn’t have food service. I went to a Montessori school, so we packed our lunches. I didn’t have food service until I went to middle school, and I honestly don’t remember hating anything. I think for me, the idea of buying lunch was so new that I kind of enjoyed it, and that’s what stands out still.

From Friday 5.


  1. I was already long out of school when POGs came around, but I worked with young children so I was still caught up in the fervor. They were so collectible that you couldn’t avoid picking up a few here and there — like with a purchase at McD’s (every McD’s restaurant in our state had a unique one!) or as favors at parties. I still have a bunch in a storage box somewhere. 🙂

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