Friday 5: 家

  1. In what forms of housing have you resided? A small rented house as a toddler, my grandfather’s big, old house through my childhood, a one-story ranch in my teen years, four dorm rooms in college, an old house on Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh for six months with three housemates when I was 22 in my first year working and out of college, a one-bedroom apartment from ages 23 to 29, and our house now, where we’ve been for two years.
  2. What are the best and worst things about the location of your home? The best is we have a nice-sized yard, it’s a quiet residential area, the neighbors are great, it’s just rural enough that we have woods at the back of the property and plenty of animals stopping by to visit but still very close to town, and I feel totally comfortable raising our kid here. The worst is this part of the state in general, which struggles with drugs and building an economy that doesn’t rely on coal anymore, and not just for environmental reasons–the industry left a long time ago, and parts of the state have just never moved on.
  3. Where would you keep a second home if you could have one? I always said I wanted to move back up to Mt. Washington, but to one of the expensive houses that has a view of the city below and that it would be a summer home so I didn’t have to worry about getting around up there in the winter. I got lucky the one winter I lived up there with a pretty mild season. But I also want to run off to the proper mountains closer to where my mom lives.
  4. How well would you adapt to permanent RV life? I would love the ability to travel almost anywhere whenever I wanted, but the lack of space would kill me. I’d have too difficult a time downsizing, and while I don’t need (or have) a huge house, I definitely need more space than that.
  5. What’s the prettiest thing to look at within five miles of your residence? My own backyard! I really do love it. Previous owners planted a Japanese maple tree and a few other pretty flowering bushes that I don’t know what they are, but aside from that, it’s just really peaceful to me. There’s the tree line at the very back, the animals that come hang, and this time of year, the whole thing is just green and lively.

From Friday 5.

1 thought on “Friday 5: 家”

  1. That’s awesome you think your backyard is the prettiest thing to see in your area. No property envy out of you! 🙂

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