Friday 5: How Are You Feeling Today?

  1. What were you most recently anxious about? My son is about to turn three months old, and a couple nights last week, he actually slept through the night, including last night. But being a paranoid mom, I still woke up a couple times to check on him. Even when a break from 2 a.m. feedings is much needed, it was our norm, so a deviation from that is almost concerning.
  2. What were you most recently apologetic about? Choosing not to attend relatives’ baby/bridal showers and weddings or being very selective about which ones to attend. I firmly believe we shouldn’t be having events like this at all, but I feel bad for missing them. I recently went to a baby shower that was outside and may be attending a Halloween wedding, and then I just feel bad for going to one event and not the other. Living in an area where this is dismissed as “paranoia” doesn’t help.
  3. What are you feeling cautious about these days? Ha, see #2. Also, with a new baby, I’m very aware of the fact that people really want to hold babies and like to get right up in their faces.
  4. Heading into the weekend, what are you confident about? I’m doing this on Monday, but thinking back to Friday, I was confident in a nice weekend with seeing the family we’re comfortable with visiting.
  5. What were the consequences (good and bad) the last time you felt adventurous? I would tell you if I could remember when that was!

From Friday 5.

1 thought on “Friday 5: How Are You Feeling Today?”

  1. Hang in there. You’re doing the right thing in keeping safety in mind, and you don’t really owe anyone an apology for that, even ‘though being sorry for the social selectivity is a reasonable feeling. Safety first!

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