Friday 5: Literally and/or Figuratively

  1. When did you last gloss something over? There’s this guy that my best friend and I went to high school with who was a few years older that we found to be very, very attractive. Now as an adult, he’s a really obnoxious Facebook user–very long-winded and into the type of “both sides”-ism that veers into saying virtually nothing of substance. She sent me a post of his from the other day that I actually agreed with, for the most part, and I often don’t, but it was so damn long that I just skimmed it. Literally, though…I put a lip balm/gloss on my lips about daily this time of year.
  2. When were you most recently out to lunch? Literally, last Monday, if ordering pizza at my mom’s house counts. Other than that, I haven’t gone out to eat since I was kind of roped into it in Deep Creek several weeks ago. Figuratively, I like to think never!
  3. What are some hats you wear? Wife, mom, writer, employee. Literally? Um…I have a few winter hats I break out sometimes.
  4. When were you ever head over heels? Aww, when I fell for my husband! And when we had Charlie! Literally, maybe that time I fell on my face in the park.
  5. When did you recently give it the old college try? Literally, I graduated from college in 2011, so…figuratively, maybe with this piece I started writing. I’m trying to write about what it’s been like to be pregnant and then have a newborn during COVID. I have some of it done, but I need to work on it some more and intend to throw it to the workshop wolves tomorrow night. (I kid–they’re very nice people and great writers. Someone had a poem last week that was stupid good.)

From Friday 5.

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