Friday 5: Role Play

  1. How do you think you’d do in learning to fly a plane? I mean, I think I could learn it just fine, but I would be very, very nervous.
  2. How do you think you’d do hosting a nationally televised late-night talk show? For as shy as I can be, I actually think I’d do pretty well. I can carry on a good conversation. What I’d struggle with is the fact that I know celebrities who go on such shows often have a list of topics that are off-limits, and a lot of it is not necessarily rehearsed but sort of discussed in advance. I’d rather have a more organic, honest conversation, and that comes from just being a fan. When you’re a teenager devouring every interview your favorite band does, you start hearing the same things over and over again and long for something new and more substantial, and if I’m ever in a position again where I can interview people, that’s how I’d approach it.
  3. How do you think you’d do in auto body repair school? I think I could handle that. I think I might even enjoy it.
  4. How do you think you’d do as the only occupant of the International Space Station for a year? It might be one of those things where I think, “Yeah, I can handle that!” then end up being very, very wrong. If I were still single and childless, maybe.
  5. How do you think you’d do as a professional dog groomer? I’d probably have fun but would get very, very frustrated with owners that were either not very good or too ridiculous about it. The dogs would be fine, it’s their people I’d struggle with.

From Friday 5.

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