Friday 5: Stick ‘Em Up!

  1. When were you a stick in the mud? I feel like one every time I decline an invitation to an event or insist on more stringent COVID precautions, but I refuse to say that I am one for having safety in mind.
  2. What’s a real stick-to-your-ribs meal you enjoy? Cottage cheese and dumplings, one of my favorite yet very simple meals. My mom calls them “lunkers” and says “they sit like rocks in your stomach.”
  3. When did you most recently regret sticking around for something? I don’t know, partly because it’s hard to stick around when you barely leave the house. And I’ve enjoyed the things I’ve stuck around for lately.
  4. When did you recently navigate a sticky situation? I think I kind of did it with some family Facebook drama recently–I said my piece respectfully and then bowed out because I wasn’t interested in remaining a part of it.
  5. What recently gave you sticker shock? Baby stuff goes back and forth with surprising me with how cheap one thing is, only for another to surprise me with its high price. Everyone talks about how expensive it is, so you brace for that and sometimes overshoot and are pleasantly surprised. But I was looking into monthly subscription playkits for each age/developmental stage, and one was $80 a month. Nope. I found a similar one for a much more reasonable $15, so I might get that.

From Friday 5.


  1. Very similar! We use a recipe of my grandma’s, which is a simple dough that you spoon into boiling water so you end up with something more similar in size to gnocchi. Then it’s just cottage cheese and salt and pepper to taste.

    1. Ohhh so you make the dumplings separately and then just add cottage cheese to it? Interesting. I think I’ll try them both.

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