Friday 5: Up and Away

  1. What most recently made you feel elated? My five-month-old baby laughing. Baby laughs are a drug.
  2. Where is the slowest elevator in the universe? The elevator in a hotel when you’re really, really tired.
  3. When were you most recently in an airplane? Not very recently at all, at this point. I believe that would’ve been when my dad and I went to my brother’s graduation from boot camp in St. Louis, and that’s been a few years yet.
  4. With what have you had it up to here? COVID. Mostly the fact that this country’s way of dealing with it is a joke and, like, almost everyone else has it knocked out and is back to normal.
  5. What’s a good song whose title contains the word “sky?” “Mr. Blue Sky” by ELO!

From Friday 5.

1 thought on “Friday 5: Up and Away”

  1. Oh yeah. America, we suck at this. I look at the red map of the US and all I can think of is, this is a mirror. We’re looking at the consequences of privilege and exceptionalism. Ugh.

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