We’re already underway on some of our home-improvement projects for the year. A while ago, Paul’s sister Julie knew someone who getting rid of some large bookshelves, so we took them and his dad picked them up for us and installed them on Wednesday. I spent as much time as I could today filling them, taking some off built-in shelves in Charlie’s room and others off shelves in our living room. I ran out of steam, but there’s a chance there’s enough space on the new shelves to empty and get rid of the old ones, clearing out room in the living room and making the side room the new shelves are in basically a library and music room–it’s also housing an organ and our CD collection, and I’m wondering if we might as well throw the guitars and a record player in there, too, if there’s room.

I took Friday off again, and we spent Saturday visiting our families. Julie did come in but wasn’t feeling great, so it ended up being a visit without her. We then went to my mom’s, and we spent today tackling projects like getting the Christmas tree down, at last, and filling those shelves.

Moving forward, we’re trying to limit family visits to every other week. We’re not really going out and although my mom isn’t, either, she’s babysitting Eliana and Kelly’s a teacher, so there’s enough room for COVID to spread among us that we really shouldn’t be seeing everyone as often as we had been, especially since we’re gonna be last in line for a vaccine just based on how it’s being rationed. Kelly and Brandon can probably get it soon, but the rest of us not so much.

And so next week’s plans are staying at home, maybe aside from a grocery run. Maybe I’ll take Friday off again to burn those vacation days I have other use for. Who knows?

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