Saturday 9: Cry

Unfamiliar with this song? Hear it here

1) In this song, Johnnie Ray assures us we’ll feel better if we cry. Do you agree? Oh, yeah. You need that sometimes.

2) He also mentions waking from a dream, believing it was real. Has that ever happened to you? Yep, especially when I was younger.

3) Because this record was such a massive hit, Johnnie Ray was nicknamed “The Prince of Wails.” Without looking it up, do you know who is currently the Prince of Wales? Yep, Prince Charles.

4) To cash in on the success of this single, 20th Century Fox cast Johnnie Ray in a big-budget musical, There’s No Business Like Show Business. Today it’s best remembered as a Marilyn Monroe movie. Have you seen many of Marilyn’s films? I don’t think I’ve seen any, actually.

5) After graduating from high school, Johnnie worked at low-paying jobs, including bus boy and soda jerk. He found he made better tips when he began playing piano in restaurants. Have you ever worked for tips? No.

6) In 1969, Johnnie was in the news a lot again because he performed with Judy Garland during her European tour and was best man at her wedding to Mickey Deans. Tell us what you wore to the most recent wedding you attended. I’ve been avoiding large gatherings because with COVID raging, I think they’re a terrible idea, but on Halloween, I did go to my brother’s wife’s sister’s wedding because my niece was in it. I wore a dark-green dress that had a little stretch to it–I had a baby in June and knew I could fit into it.

7) In 1952, when this song was a hit, Mr. Potato Head made his debut. It was the first toy advertised on television. What TV commercial have you seen recently? I can’t think of any. We stream a lot, Netflix in particular lately, so no ads.

8) Also in 1952, chlorophyll was all the rage for banishing bad breath. Colgate led the way by adding it to their toothpaste. Do you use gum, mints, mouthwash, or breath strips? I sometimes carry mints.

9) Random question — Congratulations! You won a free three night/two day weekend for two in Las Vegas! The weather is predicted to be sunny and 65º each day you’re there. It’s 12:00 noon on your first day. Are we most likely to find you: a) gambling in the casino or b) having breakfast in bed or c) outside, enjoying the sun and the sights? Normally, I’d say having breakfast in bed, but I’m so used to being up early that I think I’d probably be finishing up gambling and getting ready to hit one of the famous Vegas buffets for lunch.

Friday 5: Brr!

  1. What will you remembrr about this past week? My nearly eight-month-old had a fun weekend seeing both of his cousins, and my niece in particular is entertaining just by virtue of being the oldest. She’s talking, and she finds Charlie hilarious and gave him lots of hugs.
  2. What’s trying its best to clobbrr you these days? Paranoia. Right after the New Year, a large number of people were let go in various departments, and I keep managing to get it in my head that they’re not done and I’m next. On what I swear is a totally unrelated note (wink wink), it’s time to get back to therapy.
  3. What’s going on in the neighbrrhood? As far as I can tell, nothing, but over on NextDoor, political chat has flared up again after the county’s GOP chairman got some attention nationally after he chastised the Republican state senator for voting to impeach Trump. He said something along the lines of our senator wasn’t there to vote his conscience, he was there to carry out the wishes of the party, which is absolutely insane to me. If our politicians aren’t supposed to do the right thing, then what hope do we have?
  4. When were you recently required to summon some brravery? I’ve been submitting/pitching a lot of writing, and I thin submissions in particular always require a little bit of bravery. My New Year’s resolution was to submit something at least once a month, but I’m holding a steady pace of once a week right now.
  5. Over what will you happily labrr this weekend? More of those submissions and pitches. Plus an attempt to transition the baby from sleeping in our room to his own crib. It’s sooner than I wanted to do it, but his bassinet in our room doubles as a playpen and he’s just started crawling–and I mean really crawling, to where he can actually get somewhere and get there pretty quick if he’s not stopped. So the best solution is to transition him to a crib and switch to the playpen function. But I’m not quite ready yet. The main reason for doing this over the weekend is so I don’t have to worry about being up for work if he fusses in the crib or, more likely, if I have trouble sleeping because I’m worried since he’s not right next to my side of the bed anymore.

From Friday 5.

It’s hard to believe, but my husband’s youngest brother, who was 8 when we started dating, is now 19 years old. We spent Friday evening visiting and having pizza and cake, then spent the night at my mom’s house.

With Brandon back from DC and having recently finished his master’s, we had something of a celebratory lunch at my mom’s Saturday afternoon, where she made a few of my grandma’s staple recipes.

In general, it was a weekend with family, and Charlie got to see both of his cousins. We also discover that he thinks my mom’s dog playing is absolutely hilarious. We’ve been able to tickle a few deep belly laughs out of him before, but nothing like what watching a beagle chase a ball does, apparently. And baby laughs are infectious and addicting–you always want more.

And since he works for a local hospital system sort of out of a satellite office, he’s eligible for the COVID vaccine and had his first shot yesterday. He’s probably the closest person to us that’s gotten it, but we do have other friends and relatives who have. Research is indicating that vaccinated people can still carry the virus, but it doesn’t spread as easily. It does offer some peace of mind knowing that more and more people we know have gotten it, especially since we’re not likely to get it anytime soon.

I had a hair appointment on Sunday, and that was as far as Valentine’s Day plans went. I’ve been a longtime Valentine’s Day hater, and that hasn’t changed, so it was just a regular day in our house.

This weekend, we intend to stay put. As much as we’re comfortable with seeing our immediate families–and with my brother now partly vaccinated–we still think weekly visits carry too much of a risk for all of us, so we’re aiming to keep it to every other week.

Saturday 9: My Valentine

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

 1) Paul McCartney sings that he won’t let a day go by without remembering why he loves his valentine. What blessings are you thankful for today?
My friends and family, particularly my husband and adorable son. And our two asshole cats. And my job, given the fact that there was a brutal round of layoffs and I somehow made the cut.

2) Paul directed the video of Natalie Portman translating his song into American Sign Language (ASL), which is the third most commonly used language in both the United States and Canada. British Sign Language (BSL), commonly used in EU countries, is very different. Do you find it easy to learn new languages? You know, I haven’t really tried since high school and I know that it gets harder as you get older, but I did very well with it then and am confident that if I decided to, say, try to at least learn some basics for a vacation or something, I could get by.

3) The song is on Paul’s Kisses on the Bottom CD, for which he won one of his 18 Grammy Awards. What compliment or accolade have you recently received? One of my writing professors from college recently had a very good essay published, and my sister-in-law, who was also one of her students, and I both commented on how much we loved it. In response, she said our writing inspires her, which I took as a huge compliment. I also urge you to read the essay–it’s one of my favorite pieces of her writing.

4) Paul is an honorary NYPD detective. He was given this designation for performing a charity concert after 9/11. Do you know anyone in law enforcement? My husband has an uncle who’s actually a homicide detective.

5) Bob Dylan has said of Paul, “I’m in awe of McCartney. He’s about the only one I’m in awe of. He can do it all. He never lets up. He’s just so effortless.” Tell us about someone whose talent you admire. The aforementioned professor, Lori Jakiela.

This is the last Saturday  9 before Valentine’s Day and so this morning we shall focus on the upcoming holiday. 

6) The holiday is also known as The Feast of St. Valentine. Do you have a special meal planned for February 14? Nope. Not a fan of the holiday.

7) The phrase “wear your heart on your sleeve” began in medieval times. On Valentine’s Day, men would celebrate the holiday by displaying their lady love’s name on their sleeves. If you were going to adopt this custom, whose name would you wear? My husband’s, Paul.

8) Women buy and send more Valentines than men do. Who received the last greeting card you sent? I sent out a very late round of Christmas cards, so one of my friends. Based on a text in reply, Tessa was the one who received the card most recently.

9) Men buy and send more roses at Valentine’s Day than women do. What’s your favorite flower? I do love a classic rose.

Friday 5: Couples Therapy

  1. Which celebrity couple, past or present, do you find particularly interesting? I think in general, I am fascinated by the whole dynamic of Fleetwood Mac, where you started with two couples and ended with them all just sleeping with each other and writing songs about it.
  2. A couplet is a pair of rhyming lines of verse, one after another. Example:
    I think that I shall never see
    A poem lovely as a tree.*
    In the form of a couplet, how would you describe your hopes for the weekend?
    Not so much my hope, as it’s now Sunday, but my reality: I wanted to stay in bed, but I had things to do instead.
  3. With what (or whom) have you recently, consciously uncoupled? There were a couple people who I was creeping on on social media, and I decided it was time to move on…mostly.
  4. When did you last purchase something in a two-pack only because it doesn’t come in a one-pack? I think I’ve only really done this with salad dressing and similar condiments. It tends to be things that’ll last a long time and will definitely get used.
  5. What were you doing a couple of hours ago, and what will you be doing in a couple of hours? I’ve been home for a couple of hours, but going back a little farther, I had my hair cut and freshly dyed. In a couple hours, I’ll be home, hopefully watching a movie or something if the baby naps–although at this point, if he doesn’t take one in the next hour, he’s better off skipping it–and at some point giving him a delicious dinner of pureed peas.

From Friday 5.

Saturday 9: Waiting for Tonight

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Jennifer Lopez anticipates a night of unbridled passion with the love of her life. What are you waiting for tonight? (No pressure; it doesn’t have to be as thrilling as hers.) Better sleep than last night, I hope. It was just one of those weird nights where even though I was tired and even though the baby slept through the night, I don’t feel like I got any real restful sleep. I feel like I woke up a lot and that the sleep I did get wasn’t very deep.

2) She sings that she’s glad she’s beyond those nights that found her tossing and turning alone in her bed. Did you enjoy restful sleep last night? Ha, no. See above.

 3) Whatever Jennifer has planned for tonight, it won’t include alcohol. She never drinks liquor. What’s the last adult beverage you enjoyed? A Redd’s.

4) Ms. Lopez performed “Waiting for Tonight” during last year’s Super Bowl halftime show. Will you be watching The Big Game this weekend? Nope.

 5) Speaking of this weekend, The Weeknd will headline the Super Bowl 2021 halftime show. Are you a fan of his? Sort of. I like a few songs.

6) Super Bowl Sunday is the #1 day for guacamole consumption in the US. When did you most recently eat something with avocado in it? The only thing I can think of is my favorite tacos from Mad Mex about a month ago.

7) Chicken wings are a popular Super Bowl dish, too. When did you most recently eat chicken? How was it prepared? I’m a vegetarian, although I have had some chicken soup lately.

8) This year, fast food chain Chipotle will run their first-ever Super Bowl ad. Do you pay closer attention to commercials during the Super Bowl? I don’t watch it, but I do look into the big ads the next day.

9) Random question: Are you more likely to pretend to be more naive than you really are, or more sophisticated? When I was a kid, I had friends that were a couple years older, and one got the sex talk and told the rest of us. I knew I wasn’t supposed to know what it was, so when I heard mention of it on TV once, I asked my mom so that I’d have an official explanation, and that’s how my life has gone. I know more than I let on. I won’t play dumb, necessarily, but I’m more attune to what’s going on around me and what people are up to than they might think.

Friday 5: Big Game

  1. What item in your house recently ceased (or is likely soon to cease) Operation? I’m gonna guess our washer and our dryer are the closest to crapping out on us. They were here when we bought the house and look like they might be as old as the house. Lately, the washer has been stopping in the middle of the gentle cycle. I want to replace them soon-ish, before we end up with one not working, but I don’t want to spend the money right now or have someone come in to install them.
  2. If someone were to poker ’round in your refrigerator, what item might he or she have questions about? There are certainly leftovers in there of a questionable age.
  3. What’s in your backPac, Man? Well, let’s go with my purse–funnily enough, my wallet is not in there because I pulled it out to use a credit card for something online. But it’s also housing some random gift cards, hand lotion, a set of oil blotters and face powder, hand sanitizer, possible a lipstick or two.
  4. When did you last run into an old Flame? I haven’t, really.
  5. With what object are you frequently playing Hide-and-Seek? My husband’s phone, wallet, and keys. He’s not the type to keep track of his phone at all and frankly doesn’t seem to care that it exists, so it’s always floating around somewhere, and he tends to toss his wallet and keys wherever when he gets in the house, and then they get forgotten about and buried. At our apartment, we had a little wall-mounted organizer for these things, and we’ve just never gotten around to putting it back up here at the house. Gotta put that on the agenda.

From Friday 5.

I keep forgetting to mention that when we met up with Terra a few weeks ago, she was fully vaccinated against COVID, as she works in a hospital. There’s still research to be done on whether or not, or to what extent, vaccinated people can still host and spread the virus, but I do feel a little more comfortable seeing people we know aren’t gonna end up getting sick a few days later. As for her experience with the shot, the second one was rougher, as seems to be the consensus, but she’s fine otherwise. I mean, sure, she sent me messages saying she was surely dying, but she’s fine.

In other news I didn’t share, this time intentionally, my brother was among the 20,000 National Guardsmen down in D.C. just before and after the inauguration. Out of an abundance of caution, I kept mention of it off all of my Internet presence. He’s home now and is supposed to be quarantining for two weeks, but he asked me if we’d want to go to my mom’s this weekend, so…

I’m kind of hoping she talks him out of it. He’s been home for close to a week at this point and said he feels fine, but I think caution is better here.

We’ve mostly been staying put over the weekends, cutting back visits with our parents down to about every other week. I took Tuesday off so Paul could take the cats to the vet and we didn’t have to worry about Charlie fussing while I worked, and when they were done, we visited our parents. We picked up lunch on our way in and spent a couple hours with each family.