I keep forgetting to mention that when we met up with Terra a few weeks ago, she was fully vaccinated against COVID, as she works in a hospital. There’s still research to be done on whether or not, or to what extent, vaccinated people can still host and spread the virus, but I do feel a little more comfortable seeing people we know aren’t gonna end up getting sick a few days later. As for her experience with the shot, the second one was rougher, as seems to be the consensus, but she’s fine otherwise. I mean, sure, she sent me messages saying she was surely dying, but she’s fine.

In other news I didn’t share, this time intentionally, my brother was among the 20,000 National Guardsmen down in D.C. just before and after the inauguration. Out of an abundance of caution, I kept mention of it off all of my Internet presence. He’s home now and is supposed to be quarantining for two weeks, but he asked me if we’d want to go to my mom’s this weekend, so…

I’m kind of hoping she talks him out of it. He’s been home for close to a week at this point and said he feels fine, but I think caution is better here.

We’ve mostly been staying put over the weekends, cutting back visits with our parents down to about every other week. I took Tuesday off so Paul could take the cats to the vet and we didn’t have to worry about Charlie fussing while I worked, and when they were done, we visited our parents. We picked up lunch on our way in and spent a couple hours with each family.

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