Paul was able to get his first COVID shot Friday evening. Even with one of us only being partially vaccinated, it’s a huge relief. At least now when he’s fully vaccinated, we’ll know that the chances of him bringing COVID home from grocery shopping or the occasional in-person classes he has to attend for grad school are very slim. He said he felt tired over the weekend but felt really good today, which he thinks is a mental thing. My mom said something similar–she felt super relieved to get her first dose and had had a rough weekend a week prior, and she thinks the vaccine helped alleviate that.

Paul’s grandparents all got their first round, too, and by chance, so did his mom. When she took them, the pharmacy had an extra dose, so she took it. The number of vaccinated people in our inner circle is growing, which is great. I’ve sometimes felt like even visiting every other week has been an unnecessary risk, so it’s nice to know that’s changing.

We went for a nice, long walk in the park on Saturday, then visited our parents Sunday, and it was a good thing we did it that way because Saturday was warm and sunny and Sunday was gross and rainy. The walk ended up being a little longer than I’d intended, just by virtue of the way the trail in the park is designed, and I’m still kind of feeling the effects of it. At least that means I’m on my way to being in better shape until I’m vaccinated myself and get back to the gym.

We had nice visits with our families, even though it was a rare day where various mishaps led to like two or three outfit changes for Charlie in a day. Everyone talks about how messy babies are, and it’s not that that’s untrue, entirely, but just a diaper leak or spit-up is rare enough for him that it’s not usually an issue. It’s a good thing I have multiple outfits on hand, even if it is in part because he’s so tall for his age and I want backups for the backups in case something suddenly doesn’t fit.

He had his nine-month checkup today, and he’s doing great. The pediatrician says he’s a little ahead developmentally, which honestly surprised me because with Eliana a year older and Arlo a few months older, we’ve seen babies at a similar age and I’m just feeling like he’s not where they were at the same age–but I concede that could just be a delightful combination of paranoia and the major pitfalls of comparison. After opting to keep crawling on his tummy for a little while, he’s finally decided he’d rather crawl on his hands and knees, he can grab and feed himself small pieces of food, he’s pulling himself up to stand, and he’s walking with (a lot of) help. We think we’ve possibly heard a few early words, too, but it’s tough to tell what’s maybe just a very well-timed babble and what’s something more intentional. It’s happened enough that Paul’s convinced it’s intentional.

He didn’t measure much taller, but the pediatrician attributed this to the difficulties of measuring a wiggly baby, especially considering he’s about to bust out of his car seat. My mom intended to buy him one for his birthday, but I really think he’s gonna need it before then.

Saturday 9: Fooled by a Feeling (1979)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.
Chosen because next week is April Fool’s Day

1) Some believe that the practice of playing tricks on one another on April 1 dates back to the 14th century because it’s mentioned in Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Geoffrey Chaucer is considered one of England’s greatest poets. From memory, quote a bit of poetry for us. (It doesn’t have to be English, or great.) “Quoth the Raven, ‘nevermore.'” It’s a cheap one, but my brain’s coming up blank on other poetry right now.

2) When Crazy Sam was a little girl, her mother would prank her on April Fool’s Day by slipping a rubber worm or plastic spider in her lunch box. Did you/do you carry a lunchbox, either as a student or an adult? I did as a student, and for a little while as an adult going into the office. But we went remote probably around three years ago now.

3) In 1998, Burger King got into the April Fool’s Day fun by promoting a special “Left Handed Whopper,” supposedly perfectly  designed for a leftie to hold. Describe your perfect burger. Gotta be honest, one of my absolute favorites is from Red Robin and has pineapple on it, and I get it with an Impossible patty. I’ve also had two fantastic veggie burgers that have had apple on them.

4) In this week’s song, Barbara Mandrell sings that she followed her heart into her lover’s arms. Are you more often led by your heart or head? Probably my heart, if I’m honest. I let my emotions rule sometimes.

5) She knows now she was wrong for believing her man loved her. When did you recently admit you were wrong? I’m not sure. Seems I haven’t had to lately.

6) Barbara Mandrell recalls being able to read music before she could read words. Can you read sheet music? I can’t, but I can read guitar tabs.

7) Barbara had her own TV variety show in the 1980s and, in the 90s, acted on the daytime drama, Sunset Beach. The soap opera’s producer, Aaron Spelling, was a huge fan of Barbara’s and was thrilled to finally meet and work with her. Tell us about someone you really enjoyed working with, and why. My writing group–and in fact, all writing groups I’ve been a part of, including my college classes. I’ve been lucky to land with smart, funny, intuitive people who are a joy to hang out with but are also honest about what’s not working for them and help tease something better out.

8) In 1979, when this song was released, a top-of-the-line Sony Walkman sold for $150 (approx. $500 in today’s dollars). Did you have a portable cassette player back in the day? I am just old enough to recall having a boom box with a cassette player a few years before my portable CD player was glued to my side.

9) Random question: What’s the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning? My 9-month-old son. Well, technically, this morning in particular, it was the cat that was biting my hands to wake me up because he wanted breakfast, and then it was my son. He’s sleeping in his own room, so I can’t just roll over to check on him anymore, and of course that paranoia of wanting to make sure he’s okay always kicks in.

Friday 5: Obstacle Course

  1. What did you most recently leap over (or past)? It’s a stretch, but we’re always leaping over toys strewn about now.
  2. When were you most recently forced to crawl? I got down on the floor and crawled around a bit with my 9-month-old. I also find myself crawling around our bed frequently to get from one side to the other.
  3. What are you sprinting from? The work week, with Monday off, even. I’m just ready for the weekend.
  4. What has recently required you to step carefully? Those baby toys again! And sort of writing–sometimes, I think that’s how it feels to craft something, and with my goal of submitting (and therefore publishing) more work this year, I’ve spent a lot of time being very particular about word choice.
  5. Where is your next finish line? Speaking of writing, I had a piece I was having a hard time placing, only because of the tone and subject matter–in a light way, not something heavy-hitting. It’s more of a lifestyle piece, and it didn’t fit lit mags, of course, and even the types of websites I had in mind weren’t quite the fit for it (has everyone switched to clickbait listicles or…?). I finally found someone who wants it and just asked for a few small things (pictures and a different title), but I wanted to ask a friend permission for some pictures she took and between that and working full-time and having a kid, the process from discovering the publication to getting those items in place has felt like it’s dragging out, even though it was only over the course of a few days. I aim to finish it up this evening and hope to see it go live as soon as tomorrow, maybe?

As always, from Friday 5.

My brother just started a new job not far from our house, so we’ve been tossed into the babysitting ring. I think he was afraid to ask, and I think there may be this thought–and not just from him–that asking us to babysit a near 2-year-old and wrangle our own 9-month-old is a bit much, but my mom suggested just one day a week, and I think we’re certainly capable of that.

We did a test run of a short few hours on Saturday, and it went well. The only issue–and this crept up again when she came back all day Monday–was Charlie wants to do whatever she’s doing, and they’re both too little to understand sharing. He ends up kind of following her around trying to play with whatever she’s playing with, and then she gets annoyed and tries to push him away. The silver lining is we think this’ll prep both of them for siblings.

With warm weather rolling in consistently, we also took trips to the park to walk and got some adorable pictures of Charlie.

I still have plenty of vacation time to kill, so I figured I’d use a day for our first time watching Eliana. And things went well! Charlie’s in the middle of a weird potential nap-dropping stage, so he’s been taking one nap instead of two most days or going down at a weird time, and he ended up taking a nice, long nap in the middle of the day–and so did Paul.

I wouldn’t say I have a not-TV rule for kids in our house, but I personally do not turn it on with Charlie in the room, with the exception of YouTube music videos that work magic to calm him down if he’s being difficult, and I really, really don’t want to just park Eliana in front of a TV all day, either. But we know she’ll stay glued to Daniel Tiger on PBS if we need a break, so we took advantage of that to get both kids quiet and stationary to get Charlie to take a bottle and nap. So Eliana would float between playing with toys and watching a few minutes of Daniel.

Charlie’s well-timed nap also allowed me to get her lunch and save his for when he woke up. I was worried two hungry kids and one high chair would be chaos, and some day, it may be, but Monday worked.

As the weather warmed up, we ventured out into the yard, which she loved. She got mad anytime she thought I was trying to get her to go back inside–usually, I was actually just trying to steer her away from potential poison-ivy patches or thorny bushes–and she’d go, “Nooooo! Walking’s so much fun!” If I did ask her if she was ready to go in, she’d say, “No thank you.” She’s the world’s most polite toddler. We finally did come in when Charlie got fussy, and we used a trick Kelly recommended telling her to say bye to the trees.

It’s gonna get super fun when the berries start coming in. Even when flowers start blooming, and we’ve already got some that might be ready next time she’s over.

Come to think of it, she could be fun to have around as we get the garden back up.

Saturday 9: Ordinary People

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, John Legend sings that both he and his girl have “room to grow.” What about you? In what areas would you like to improve? I think there’s always room for improvement as a parent and as a writer. I ought to file that one away to play with in an essay.

2) He sings that when he hangs up in anger, she calls him back. Are you quicker to anger, or quicker to forgive? It’s a toss-up. In general, I think I’m patient and understanding, so if I’m angry, someone really fucked up. I used to be quick to forgive, but I kept having the same issues with the same people and finally learned sometimes the best solution is to cut ties.

3) “Ordinary People” was John Legend’s first big hit. He originally wrote it for The Black Eyed Peas, but — happily for him — recorded it himself. Have you ever purchased a gift for someone else but then decided to keep it yourself? I haven’t kept something I intended to give as a gift, no, but I have found things I liked and bought my own, yeah.

4) Ordinary People is also the title of an acclaimed novel by Judith Guest and an Oscar-winning film. Are you familiar with either the movie or the book? I am not.

5) John is married to Chrissy Teigen, who gained fame as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. When is the last time you dove in? Were you in a pool, lake, river or sea? It’s been a while, because I don’t think we did any swimming last year. I probably dipped my toes in Lake Erie the summer before that, though, and I know I was in my in-laws’ pool that same summer. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to the ocean.

6) John unexpectedly proposed to Chrissy on vacation, but he was afraid airport security would ruin the surprise when they went through his carry on very thoroughly. He worried she would see the ring box and he’d have to drop down to one knee right there at the airport! Tell us about one of your flights: your first, your most recent or your most memorable. I haven’t been on a plane in a few years, either. The most recent would’ve been when my brother finished boot camp in St. Louis. My mom was busy at work and couldn’t take time away to go to his graduation, so my dad and I flew out for a few days. I don’t remember much of the flight–it was uneventful–but my dad was always hell to travel with and that’s the part that stands out.

7) John is currently a coach on The Voice. The other coaches are Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton. Of those four singers, which is your favorite? Probably Kelly Clarkson. I’m not big fans of any of them, but I think she’s a great singer and seems like such a nice, genuine person.

 8) In 2005, when this song was popular, Johnny Carson died. After he retired from The Tonight Show in 1993, he traveled extensively and discovered he especially enjoyed photographic safaris in Africa. If time and money were no object, where would you go on vacation? At the moment, pretty much any beach. But if I were to really take advantage of that hypothetical opportunity, Europe.

 9) Random question — In your typical day, what’s the longest you usually go without saying a word to another person: all day, a few hours, an hour, or five minutes? Probably a few hours. I work from home and my husband is in grad school, wrangling our eight-month-old during the day. He usually takes a nap when the baby does, and of course, I’m not talking to him then. Otherwise, there’s some communication happening throughout the day, whether it’s more practical like asking about the baby or him asking me if I need a snack to just sort of whatever random chit-chat we squeeze in while I’m working.

Friday 5: Consumer Reports

  1. What tool did you most recently purchase, and what tool will you purchase next? I can’t remember. I think my husband bought some small things recently, but I can’t remember what. The last tool-related thing I remember seeking out myself was stuff for the garden. I can’t think of anything we’ll need to purchase soon, but generally, these things come up when something breaks or needs put together and we realize we don’t have the right tool for the job.
  2. What toy did you most recently purchase, and what toy will you purchase next? The most recent purchase I think was toys for the baby for Christmas, and the next one is likely to be a walker toy he can push. If we’re talking for myself, a friend from high school was having an online Scentsy party, and I bought some wax for my warmer and a box of surprise goodies that ended up having things like sugar scrub and lotion in it. Next, I have my eye on possibly clothes or tickets to a Van Gogh exhibit in the fall. As an adult, these things are pretty much toys.
  3. What staple did you most recently purchase, and what staple will you purchase next? Baby food and baby food. With me working and my husband in grad school, baby meal prep isn’t coming so easy, plus an online company I found has a far better variety of foods than I could give him. My goal is to raise a kid who’s not a picky eater, as I was.
  4. What did you most recently purchase to give away, and what will you next purchase to give away? Gifts for a baby shower–laundry detergent, mittens, and newborn onesies, as I found from experience that while plenty of people will buy you baby clothes, almost no one buys them in the newborn size. Charlie was swimming in his onesies for a few days until my mom went shopping. I also bought presents for our one-year-old nephew around the same time, a Mickey Mouse outfit and a toy mixing bowl that lights up and plays sounds when you put the little ingredients in it. I think my next gift purchase will probably be for Mother’s Day, but I have no idea what that’ll be.
  5. What are you most recently glad you did not purchase after consideration? I don’t know. I feel like this tends to happen with baby stuff, though, where something looks cute but isn’t actually practical or we just won’t get real use out of.

From Friday 5.

Over the last few weeks, our modem/router has started to crap out on us. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but our streaming services started struggling, and then two weeks in a row, it crapped out on me while I was working. Just one second everything was fine, the next, I’m stuck and can’t do anything, and troubleshooting was hit and miss. Sometimes, it would fix it and be fine for a couple days, sometimes it would make things worse, like the time it restarted and just had no WiFi capability for no discernible reason. The last time it went out, it was on a Wednesday. I got it working, then ordered a new one through my brother’s Amazon account to get here by Friday to keep on standby. The current router isn’t very old and I was very displeased that we were having issues with it, so the idea was to have a new one to switch out if I needed to during a workday. I made it through all of last week with no issues, and then maybe an hour into my shift this morning, the same issues flared up again and the go-to fixes weren’t working, so I did a quick swap and set up the new one. It’s been fine since. My laptop seems to connect to it much quicker, too, for some reason.

Speaking of replacing old things, we had a mishap with bottles, the details of which Paul would not appreciate me sharing, that led to a need for new ones, also ordered through my brother’s account. The silver lining here is the previous bottles were plastic and we replaced them with glass, which cost a lot more money, considering, but makes me feel better. Reading about microplastics as a new mom is…concerning. If I could have a do-over, I’d start with glass, but the other thing about being a new mom is you’re bombarded with options and information about what’s better or worse, and it can be overwhelming. On top of that, baby stuff is expensive and you need a lot of it, so you’re just kind of happy to take what you’re gifted with–it’s one less thing to pay for.

Our arrangement with child care is because I work at 7 a.m., if Charlie wakes up in the middle of the night, Paul takes him. He generally gets him in the morning, too, since he wakes up anywhere from about 6:30 to 7:30. Now, if Charlie wakes up, say, at 4:30 in the morning on a Saturday, I feel like I owe it to Paul to get him–but also that I owe it to Charlie and myself. Even with me working from home, Paul definitely spends more time with Charlie than I do. I never thought I’d be the stay-at-home-mom type, but if you told me I could quit my job right now, I would.

All this to say that I was up with Charlie at 4:30 Saturday morning.

Generally, I don’t want him watching TV or anything–I think there are much better ways to engage an 8-month-old–but Paul discovered he loves music, in particular music videos, in particular The Cranberries. It’s become our last-resort go-to if we’re having trouble getting him settled, and it’s particularly helpful at that hour when the goal is to get him to wind down and go back to sleep, rather than pulling out noisy interactive toys. He just sits and stares. Nothing captures his attention the same way. And so Charlie and I snuggled on the couch while he ate a bottle and fell back asleep. Not a bad way to spend a very early Saturday morning, even if I didn’t get back to sleep until after 6 and even if he woke up again a little after 7. Paul graciously took that turn.

We’re at about the one-year mark for coronavirus lockdowns, but in our family, that anniversary is noted for one other reason–Charlie’s cousin Arlo turned 1 on Sunday. He was born right at the start of all this, the very weekend our governor started shutdowns. I remember hearing that they weren’t allowed to have visitors in the hospital and feeling kind of bad for her. I was optimistic that it would end quickly in a way that feels naive now. And of course, when Charlie was born not quite four months later, our experience was pretty much the same.

If/when either of us has another kid, I almost feel like it’ll be weirder not to have COVID precautions in place. We have nothing to compare this to. I can’t speak for her, but for me, I can’t really say it was weird to give birth with a masked staff and no visitors because, I mean, that’s the only way I’ve done it.

Aro’s birthday party was on Saturday, and they opted to split it over two weekends, one party for each side of the family, mostly because of concerns about space in their house, but because of COVID, it was safer that way, too. We really didn’t interact with anyone that’s not already in our circle, and gradually, they’re getting vaccinated. My brother should have received his second shot today, and my mom was able to get one before the party. They’re the only two at the moment, but Paul’s mom is trying to get his grandparents theirs.

I find myself scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and seeing people going out or getting together and starting to judge, then remembering that I know for sure at least some of them are vaccinated.

What a weird place to be.

But Arlo’s party was nice, and it was the first time that Charlie was with both of his cousins at the same time–Eliana on my side of the family, Arlo on Paul’s. And as a refresher, this means that my brother and two of his closest friends from high school are raising their kids together and are sort of related by marriage. Paul and I met at their graduation, and, well, here we are, 10 years later, taking our kids to each other’s birthday parties.

We decided to go for a walk on the trail Sunday, but by the time we made it out there, it was probably too cold and we probably shouldn’t have. We had a string of warm days and were antsy to really enjoy it, but we did it too late.

Saturday 9: Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral

Selected because this Wednesday is St. Patrick’s Day. Unfamiliar with this week’s song? Hear it here.

  1) Bing Crosby sings that he learned this song from his mother. Can you recall a song from your early childhood?  Two of the first music videos I remember seeing are Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set on You.”

2) Bing was NBC’s first choice to play TV’s Columbo. He turned down the role because, by that time, he was in his 60s and just didn’t feel like working a full week anymore. Peter Falk eventually got the part and played Det. Columbo for 10 seasons. Do you enjoy detective stories, whether on TV, in movies or in books? In general, yes, but I feel like sometimes in books, there can be cheap twists.

 3) Bing could trace his family back to County Cork. While it’s said that on St. Patrick’s Day everyone is Irish, can you honestly claim Irish heritage? I cannot, but my son can.

4) Other than St. Patrick, what is Ireland famous for? I’ll tell you what I think it should be, and that is Father Ted.

5) “The wearing o’ the green” is one way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Will you wear something green in honor of the day? Probably not. I’ll be at home, and in fact, I have the day off, so I won’t even be working from home. But my sister-in-law and her girlfriend bought my son a cute little outfit, so he’ll be dressed for the occasion.

6) Have you ever had green beer? I have not.

7) Have you ever ordered a Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s? I have, but I am here to tell you that local dining establishment Eat ‘N’ Park has better ones with a more authentic mint taste. In fact, while I was pregnant, I wanted lots of frozen treats and became a milkshake connoisseur, and McDonald’s shakes are my least favorite in general. They’ll do when you’re pregnant and nothing else is open, but you can do better than that.

8) A four-leaf clover is considered good luck. Do you have a lucky charm? I do not.

9) Speaking of Lucky Charms, they are magically delicious.  What brand of cereal is in your kitchen right now? I believe there are some strawberry and chocolate Cheerios in the cabinet.

Friday 5: 12 Months

  1. In what ways has pandemic life been positive for you? I’ve learned that I’m really, really okay with just…staying home most of the time. We’ve also saved money since we’re not going out, going to concerts, or even doing real shopping. There have been times I’ve popped out to pick up gifts for things like baby showers, and under normal circumstances, I undoubtedly would’ve come home with a few things for myself. Now I go in and out for what I need. Also, we had a baby! He doesn’t really have anything to do with the pandemic, but spending your days with a cute (and calm!) baby isn’t so bad.
  2. Where (and how often) did you get your pandemic news this past year? I look at NPR’s website daily for national news in general, and I sometimes listen to it in the car. Locally, I read our newspaper, which generally covers things like case counts, the death toll, and vaccination events. I have a subscription, but none of their coronavirus coverage is behind a paywall, which I think is a great thing to do to make it easier for people to stay informed.
  3. Where did you find unexpected comfort in these crazy twelve months? I don’t know. I think for me, I was already working from home, so on a day-to-day basis, it honestly doesn’t feel like anything ever changed, and like I said, I’m doing just fine with going out very little, so I don’t know that I’ve felt like I needed much comfort. I guess the one thing might just be what it’s like to be a new parent right now. I’m not alone in that–our nephew was born almost a year ago exactly–but I am more cautious. In general, we’re very careful about where we go and who we see, more so than most of our family. But especially a year in now, more and more parents, particularly women, have been sharing their stories, and I find myself identifying with those to a great deal.
  4. What are some little things you miss most about what used to be normal life? Concerts, for sure. Not having to remember a mask when I leave the house. But one of my biggest “this sucks” moments was when I was pregnant. We went out to grab some boxes to organize our closet and did a curbside pickup order, and I was like, “Under normal circumstances, we’d go out, do a little shopping, and get lunch somewhere.” I’ve certainly wanted to sit and enjoy a dinner out since, but that moment hit me the hardest in that regard. It was also earlier on. At this point, I’m used to it.
  5. What do you think life will be like twelve months from now? Mostly normal. I think mitigation efforts will stay in place in most areas for a while, at least until a large percentage of the population is vaccinated and demand for vaccines is lower, to where people can get appointments faster and easier. I’ve seen a few articles now addressing the fact that not everyone is going to be willing to get vaccinated and arguing that it doesn’t make sense to continue things like requiring masks for a segment of the population that doesn’t care. Personally, my husband and I both intend to get vaccinated, but currently, our eight-month-old can’t. I expect that in a year, he’ll be able to get vaccinated either because of an approved vaccine for him or just by virtue of being older. But because he can’t be vaccinated yet, we intend to still be very cautious, even after we are. I plan to keep an eye on case numbers and make decisions on things like parties on a case-by-case basis. I’m not exactly gonna go around asking everyone if they’ve been vaccinated, but if I know a lot of people have, I’ll be more willing to go.

From Friday 5.

Saturday 9: Birthday

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Katy Perry sings that she wants to give her lover something good to celebrate every day. What is making you happy this fine Saturday? My eight-month-old, fresh doughnuts from a local bakery, and the hot bath I just fell asleep in.

2) The video is all about baking a birthday cake. When did you most recently enjoy something home baked? Were you the baker? My husband made chocolate-chip cookies last weekend.

3) Tell us a memory from one of your birthdays. I’ll share one from my last one, when I turned 31–I was very pregnant, and in fact scheduled to be induced five days later. COVID was raging, so going out wasn’t an option and I wasn’t feeling takeout, so I asked my mom to make my grandma’s rigatoni recipe, and we had lunch at her house with my brother, his wife, and their then-one-year-old daughter. It was one of the simplest birthdays I’ve ever had, but also one of my favorites.

4) This week’s song shares nothing but the title with a Beatles song. (Here’s a video of Paul McCartney performing it live.) Can you think of another title that’s been used by more than one song? Not at the moment, unfortunately, and normally I could!

5) Similarly, this week’s featured artist was born Kathryn Hudson and called Katy Hudson until she changed her name to Katy Perry to avoid confusion with the actress Kate Hudson. Have you ever met anyone else with your same name?
I’ve met one other person who shares my first name, and according to Google, there is one, possible two, others. One has an Etsy shop in Illinois and the other writes for a Disney website.

6) Katy and actor Orlando Bloom became parents to a baby girl in 2020. Bloom is best known for his work in the Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Are you a fan of either of those film series? I am, but I am full of opinions of the final POTC film. In short, I think the writing totally wrecked previously established characterization in a way that didn’t make sense and was unsatisfying.

7) In 2014, the year this song was popular, Prince William toured the United States and attended his first NBA game (Nets vs. Cavaliers). What’s the most recent sporting event that you watched? Ooh, I have no idea, but statistically, it was a hockey game.

8) Also in 2014, Joan Rivers died. While best-known for making us laugh, she was a very successful entrepreneur, selling jewelry on QVC. Have you ever ordered anything from TV? Nope.

 9) Random question — Have you ever been told you talk too much? Not technically, but when my husband and I were dating, my mother-in-law said we talked to each other too much, which is an odd complaint to have about a couple.