Saturday 9: Bills, Bills, Bills

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here. 

1) This song is about a cheating boyfriend. Unlike most songs, where the lover deceives by seeing another, this one squanders his girl’s financial resources. She sings that he’s ruined her credit. Do you know your credit score? I don’t know the exact number, but I know the general range.

2) How often do you pay your bills? Do you handle them as they come in, or do you pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly? Or are you lucky enough to have someone else handle your bills? It depends on what comes in and when, but generally on a weekly basis.

3) Destiny’s Child had a hit with “Bills, Bills, Bills.” This girl group got their start in Houston, TX. During the recent, bruising storm, lead singer Beyonce sent food, money and water to her home state. Have you spent much time in the Lone Star State? I’ve never been, despite intentions to visit a cousin who live there until somewhat recently.

4) Beyonce is the breakout star of the group and went on to have a highly successful solo career. Can you think of another star who began his/her career as the member of a group? Gwen Stefani! And pretty much all Beatles.

5) “Bills, Bills, Bills” was performed a cappella by the kids on Glee. That Fox show ran for six seasons. Were you a fan? I was, but I lost track of it in the later seasons because of my work schedule at the time. I also have very strong opinions about the quality of the show as it went on–in short, as it blew up, I think the focus was on what hit songs they could work in, and I think a lot of LGBTQ characters and plots were forced just for the sake of it, like they were trying to cram in as much as possible whether or not it made sense or was even good.

6) In 1999, when this song was on the charts, SpongeBob SquarePants premiered. The show remains popular among the younger set. Have you ever seen it? I enjoyed it when I was younger.

7) SpongeBob has become an industry, spawning movies, a Broadway musical, video games and both coloring and comic books. Once considered children’s amusements, today coloring and comic books enjoy a following among adults. Have you recently enjoyed coloring or reading a comic book? My niece has this little paint-with-water type book, except when you “paint” the pictures, they go from black and white to color and dry back to their original state, so you can “paint” the pictures over and over again. I enjoyed taking a turn with it and found it relaxing. I do have an adult coloring book floating around here somewhere, too. As for comic books, my husband had me read the works of Bryan Lee O’Malley, the most famous of which is the Scott Pilgrim series, but my personal favorite was Seconds.

8) Also in 1999, Walmart expanded to the United Kingdom. Do you shop at Walmart? I do not.

 9) Random question — We’ve all met people who aren’t exactly as they present themselves. Are you good at spotting a phony? I am not. However! My husband is, to the extent that I will never, ever doubt him on his judge of character again. Ever. Like, it is not possible for me to overstate how well he can read people and how badly I’ve been burned by not listening to him. He has yet to be wrong. I, on the other hand…

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