Friday 5: Consumer Reports

  1. What tool did you most recently purchase, and what tool will you purchase next? I can’t remember. I think my husband bought some small things recently, but I can’t remember what. The last tool-related thing I remember seeking out myself was stuff for the garden. I can’t think of anything we’ll need to purchase soon, but generally, these things come up when something breaks or needs put together and we realize we don’t have the right tool for the job.
  2. What toy did you most recently purchase, and what toy will you purchase next? The most recent purchase I think was toys for the baby for Christmas, and the next one is likely to be a walker toy he can push. If we’re talking for myself, a friend from high school was having an online Scentsy party, and I bought some wax for my warmer and a box of surprise goodies that ended up having things like sugar scrub and lotion in it. Next, I have my eye on possibly clothes or tickets to a Van Gogh exhibit in the fall. As an adult, these things are pretty much toys.
  3. What staple did you most recently purchase, and what staple will you purchase next? Baby food and baby food. With me working and my husband in grad school, baby meal prep isn’t coming so easy, plus an online company I found has a far better variety of foods than I could give him. My goal is to raise a kid who’s not a picky eater, as I was.
  4. What did you most recently purchase to give away, and what will you next purchase to give away? Gifts for a baby shower–laundry detergent, mittens, and newborn onesies, as I found from experience that while plenty of people will buy you baby clothes, almost no one buys them in the newborn size. Charlie was swimming in his onesies for a few days until my mom went shopping. I also bought presents for our one-year-old nephew around the same time, a Mickey Mouse outfit and a toy mixing bowl that lights up and plays sounds when you put the little ingredients in it. I think my next gift purchase will probably be for Mother’s Day, but I have no idea what that’ll be.
  5. What are you most recently glad you did not purchase after consideration? I don’t know. I feel like this tends to happen with baby stuff, though, where something looks cute but isn’t actually practical or we just won’t get real use out of.

From Friday 5.

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