Friday 5: Wolf!

  1. When are you the tortoise, and when are you the hare? I am the tortoise most of the year but transform into the hare when the weather gets cold. My husband is a foot taller than me, and he will tell you that he spends most of the year altering his pace to meet mine, until winter hits, when suddenly I’m a speed walker. I want to get out of the cold, so without even thinking, I just end up walking noticeably faster.
  2. When are you the grasshopper, and when are you the ants? I’d say I prepare and think ahead like the ants, for the most part, but I’m also a procrastinator, sometimes prioritizing fun things, like the grasshopper. But I’m certainly not harsh like the ant when people need help.
  3. When were you the lion, and when were you the mouse? I can’t think of specifics, but in general, I’m willing to help people out. I don’t think favors are things that need to be repaid, but I do like to make sure if someone does something for me, I pay that forward.
  4. Are you more like the town mouse or the country mouse? Both? I’ve always said my ideal place to live is in the mountains but within at least an hour-ish of a big city. I like to live somewhere quiet and tucked away, but I like the excitement of cities.
  5. Which fable told in your childhood has resonated with you through the years? I mean, the only one of these I remembered was the tortoise and the hare.

From Friday 5.

One thought on “Friday 5: Wolf!

  1. Yeah I think I’m with you on living away from the city but near enough to enjoy it. I grew up (and went to college) in the country, but I’ve lived in the city for half my life now, and I really enjoy it.

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