Friday 5: Gripe Session

  1. What complaints do you have about this weekend? My husband has a bit of a cold plus work to do for grad school, which leaves me mostly in charge of wrangling the one-year-old, plus a hefty to-do list that includes cookies for a cousin’s wedding, laundry, lawn maintenance, and writing pitches/submissions, a lot of which is best saved for his nap time. I’d like to go to the gym, too, which is looking increasingly unlikely considering everything else on that list. Besides, if I cut the grass, I count that as physical activity.
  2. What are your grievances with yourself? I’m a procrastinator and can be forgetful. I have a pitch e-mail I want my husband to read over before I send it, but I’ve forgotten to have him do it like three days in a row now.
  3. What are your objections to rainbows, flowers, and puppies? Rainbows can be faint and wimpy-looking, flowers wilt and die, and puppies bite and pee on things.
  4. What are your criticisms about your domicile? It’s small and it was built in the ’60s, and it’s clear that very little has been updated in that time. The closet space is lacking, and I can’t quite figure out why–based on where the two back bedrooms and the hallway are positioned, it seems like there should be some more space there to make both of those closets deeper. The washer and dryer are about as old as the house, and the washer in particular seems like it’s starting to act up, but the laundry room is a really small space and I haven’t been able to find machines with the same measurements that would fit back there without some shuffling of how the space is arranged, which admittedly isn’t out of the question. It doesn’t have central air, which is usually not too bad.
  5. What’s your beef with excessively negative people? I mean, why do they have to be like that? It seems pointless because it doesn’t really accomplish or even contribute anything, and it also seems selfish. It gets to the point where one has to wonder if they’re trying to bring other people down.

From Friday 5.

One response to “Friday 5: Gripe Session”

  1. scrivener says:

    Sounds to me like there’s a secret room behind those closets. Any weird-looking bricks or cracks in the wall nearby?

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