Friday 5: Condimentary, My Dear Watson

  1. What do you expect to do syrup-titiously in the coming weeks? Ooh, I don’t know. Nothing?
  2. What did you ketchup on this week, or ketchup with? The better question is probably what I fell behind on. My husband and I both came down with colds over the last few weeks–colds, not COVID–and you’d be surprised at what just some congestion and feeling run-down can do to two people with a one-year-old. We came down with it at different times, which had its advantages, but we ended up behind on most household chores.
  3. What was the occasion the last time you enjoyed dressing up? A wedding! I’m getting to these questions late, but I went to weddings the past two weekends.
  4. What television series did you most recently watch with great relish? I’ve been interested in The Walking Dead: World Beyond spinoff and have some thoughts brewing on how it’s playing out that I’m in the process of working into an essay.
  5. When did someone most recently shoyu how to do something? I feel like my husband did recently, but I can’t remember what it would’ve been. Maybe something to do with baby-proofed areas of the house?

From Friday 5.

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