Saturday 9: Without You

Unfamiliar with this week’s song. Hear it here.

1) Nilsson sings that he can’t forget this evening. Did anything happen this evening (or last night, if you’re answering during the day) that you expect you’ll recall for a long time? Not really–it was a typical night at home for us, and my son didn’t do anything particularly funny or notable.

2) In the 1960s, he worked in a very “un-rock-star” job: computer programmer in a bank. Looking over your career, have you more often worked in or out of an office setting? More often in, definitely.

3) He fibbed to get the job, telling the bank he’d graduated from high school when in reality, he was a drop out. Have you ever fudged a fact on your resume? No. It doesn’t sit right with me.
4) The bank found out the truth but was so pleased with Nilsson’s personality and performance they kept him on. Tell us about a friend or loved one’s misbehavior that you have overlooked. I mean, I think everyone’s let things slide with friends, family, and significant others.

5) Before finding success as a singer, Nilsson was a songwriter. He composed “Cuddly Toy,” recorded by the Monkees. Do you have a favorite Monkees song? I’m not much of a Monkees fan, but “Daydream Believer,” always and forever.

6) In 1976 Nilsson married Una O’Keeffe. They met in a New York restaurant, where she was a waitress. He asked her about her accent — she was from Dublin — and a romance ensued. While the waitress and the rock star seemed like an unlikely couple, they remained together until his death in 1994 and had six children. Do you know how your parents (or grandparents) met? I think my grandparents met at some sort of dance, but what I do know for sure is that they were both praying novenas to meet someone at the time, which is probably why I don’t have it in me to go full atheist. My parents met when they were working in the same department store, Sears.

7) Nilsson was a night owl and found he felt most creative late at night, right before he fell asleep. When are you at your best: morning, noon or night?


8) In 1972, the year “Without You” was a hit, Alice Clark Browne made history as the first African American aerialist to perform with Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus. Did you ever attend the circus?

I remember going once as a kid and not really liking it. It was one of those things that someone had the idea to do with us and the cousins on my dad’s side. 9) Random question — Think about last week. Would you prefer this week to be more exciting, or more boring?

How about more of the same? Excitement with a full-time job and a one-year-old can be a bad thing!

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