Friday 5: Everything but Yul Brynner

  1. How have you recently kept yourself in check? Eh, I guess I have and I haven’t. I’m counting calories to try and watch what I eat, but I’m also really good at forgetting to do it.
  2. What’s the closest thing to a castle you’ve been in? I guess some tower-like places in Gettysburg?
  3. What were the circumstances the last time you were hoarse? Ah, an easy one! The morning after the Anberlin show I went to with my brother in September. We went hard, like we when we were teenagers, screaming and going generally apeshit. I was sore and hoarse the next morning.
  4. What’s your favorite song by Queen? Ooh, it’s so hard down narrow down just one–I’d say I have a top five or ten more than anything–but I will say that “’39” would be very high on that list. We played it at our wedding.
  5. For what will you likely pay a king’s ransom in the near future? Probably something while Christmas shopping. It can be hard to reign it in when it comes to all three kids–my son, niece, and nephew–and some of these sites have really cute but expensive toys, and I feel like my brain should go, “That’s ridiculous,” but it just…isn’t.

From Friday 5.

One response to “Friday 5: Everything but Yul Brynner”

  1. Concert hoarseness! I miss that! For the past many years, pretty much every show I go to is by myself, and the energy isn’t the same. I’m no less into the music and performance, but I’m less expressive about it. What a great memory!

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