Saturday 9: Please Come Home for Christmas

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) In this video, Jon Bon Jovi recalls decorating the tree with Cindy Crawford. They took turns wearing a Santa hat. Will anyone in your household be donning a Santa hat this season? Almost definitely not.

2) He sings of the salutations he’s received from friends and relatives. Have you received many holiday cards this year? Only a couple so far, but then, I’ve made very little progress on my own.

3) Will you wrap many presents? Or do you prefer to use gift bags? I prefer to use gift bags, but I have this grand plan of setting aside time Thursday to get everything together and wrapped.

4) Jon Bon Jovi says he and Frank Sinatra are distant relatives. Do you believe that musicality is a genetic gift, or that it can be taught? A little bit of both. I think anyone can learn to play an instrument or read music, but the skills that make people really stand out are a gift. You can teach the basics of songwriting, but you can’t do it in a way that’ll guarantee someone will write hit after hit.

5) Jon is such a big Star Wars fan that he wrote a carol called “R2-D2: We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” There a dozen Star Wars movies. How many have you seen? About half of them. I saw the original trilogy, the prequels, and The Force Awakens, but we never got around to the final two movies or some of the one-offs. Oh, except for Rogue One. And of course I’ve seen every episode of The Mandalorian.

6) Jon once guest-starred as Carrie’s love interest in an episode of Sex and the City, the popular HBO sitcom set in New York. The new reboot, And Just Like That, also centers around NYC life. Where does your favorite TV show take place? One takes place largely in the basement office housing the FBI most unwanted (The X-Files), and one takes place on a mysterious island (Lost).

7) Jon met his wife, Dorothea, when they were still in high school. Do you remember who you wanted to marry when you were in high school? Certainly not any of the guys in my school!

8) At Christmastime 1992, when this song was released, toys that tied into Disney’s Little Mermaid were very popular. Have you purchased toys for anyone on your gift list this year? Oh, definitely. I have a 2-year-old niece, an 18-month-old son, and a nephew a few months older than him.

9) Jon recorded “Please Come Home for Christmas” to benefit The Special Olympics. Here’s your chance to plug a cause or organization that’s near and dear to you. I’ll just encourage everyone to turn to local animal shelters if you’re looking for a pet! Or if you’d like to help out the animals waiting for homes with toys, blankets, and food. I promise you, they just about always need it.

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