Saturday 9: Moody Blue

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) This song was recorded in the special studio Elvis had built in the Jungle Room of Graceland. During the pandemic, have you made like Elvis and worked from home? I was already working from home before it started, so yeah, that’s how it’s been!

2) Elvis sings that his girl is completely unpredictable. Which quality to you find more attractive: spontaneity or dependability? Dependability. Spontaneity is fun, but being able to depend on someone is what really counts, especially when things get tough. And when it comes to day-to-day life! I think when people talk about romance and partners, sometimes what gets overlooked is just the mundane, routine tasks that come with life.

3) He only performed the song once in concert. In February 1977, shortly after the record was released, Elvis sang “Moody Blue” live in Charlotte, NC, but had to rely on lyric sheet. Crazy Sam can sympathize because she seems to forget passwords as soon as she sets them. Do you often struggle with your memory? To a degree. I can be forgetful–there are certain things where I need a little nudge. Like, the cats need a checkup and my eyes need checked and I just keep forgetting to schedule those things.

4) “Moody Blue” was the final hit of Elvis’ lifetime, only getting to #31 in the US but reaching #3 in the UK. What’s your favorite Elvis song? “Moody Blue” is among them! “That’s All Right, Mama,” “Don’t Be Cruel” and its Cheap Trick counterpart, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” which I played at my wedding, “Return to Sender,” “(You’re The) Devil in Disguise,” “A Little Less Conversation,” and “Suspicious Minds.”

5) We’re focusing on Elvis this week because January 8 would be his 87th birthday. He enjoyed celebrating his birthday by renting the Memphis movie theater and watching the latest movie with an invited group of friends. What’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday? Dinner and good company. Honestly, and I’ve said this before, but one of my most memorable birthdays was my 31st. I was very, very pregnant–as in I was being induced five days later, so it was something of a last hurrah. It was also early in the pandemic, so not wanting to risk going out, I asked my mom to make some of my favorite family recipes and we had a nice family dinner.

6) For his 11th birthday, young Elvis asked for a rifle or a bicycle. His mother deemed the gun too dangerous and the bike too expensive and instead gave her son his first guitar. Tell us about a memorable birthday from your youth. My 21st was David Bowie-themed. I ended up on the bathroom floor for much of the wee morning hours, but I had a good time!

7) Elvis loved horses and kept them in the stable at Graceland. His favorite was a palomino named Rising Sun. To honor both horse and rider, Elvis’ daughter has always kept a palomino in the stable whose name includes “sun.” The current resident is Tuscan Sun. Known as “Tucky,” he’s lived at Graceland for more than 20 years now and is a favorite of Alene Alexander, who maintains the stable and reports he has “attitude and knows he’s prettier than everybody else.” Tell us about an animal who holds a place in your heart.

My two cats! Robin’s black with some white patches on her chest and tummy that make us think she’s maybe descended from a Tuxedo cat or two, and Sarge is a grey tabby.

8) Throughout his life, Elvis had trouble sleeping. As a preteen, he was a sleepwalker. As an adult, he battled insomnia. Is sleep an issue for you?

Very, very rarely.

9) Random question: Do you wear your shoes in the house?

No! And I don’t understand people who do! Like, why?!

5 responses to “Saturday 9: Moody Blue”

  1. I wear shoes in my house. There are a few reasons, but I am always afraid that I am going to need to leave the house quickly…for whatever reason. My feet also get cold…even with socks. I also have dogs and if they come in from outside with wet feet, I do not want to step into water. I have and I don’t like it. I am weird that way. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  2. I wear shoes because I can’t stand to have my feet uncovered. I have always been that way. Plus we have a cement floor covered with wood, and it’s hard, and the rubber in my sneakers give me a little cushioning that I would not otherwise have for my knees and hips.

  3. I used to be barefoot indoors, but then I read that if you have diabetes you should not go barefoot so I started wearing socks in the house. Now I wear socks all the time. My feet stay warm, no danger for diabetes, and I’m comfortable.

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