Friday 5: Feeling Verse

  1. When did you take the road less traveled? I can’t think of a good recent example, and I feel like every time I answer a question with this general theme, my answer is always the same! Oh, here’s a kind of loose but different answer–I didn’t change my last name when I got married.
  2. When have you told the truth but told it slant? I generally don’t–I hate lying and don’t do it–but I’ll tell you where I used to bend the truth a little was when I was still living at home and out late with my friends, if my mom started asking me if I was on my way home, I’d maybe say yes and be sure to leave within the next few minutes, or I’d text at stoplights and say I was a little further down the road than I really was. No one questions a few minutes here or there.
  3. When did you most recently strike out? Striking out so far on my writing pitches for the year, but someone I know once described the process as being like an animal just trying to find the right home.
  4. In what way is today like a summer’s day? It’s Pennsylvania in January, so…the day ends in “y”, I guess?
  5. Where do you go to find yourself? I don’t know that I really need to “find myself,” but if I need a reset and relaxation, outside somewhere–mountains, a trail, a beach, the woods, whatever.

From Friday 5.

One response to “Friday 5: Feeling Verse”

  1. I don’t think there’s a person alive who answers to another person who hasn’t done the sooooorta fake texting thing. 🙂

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