Friday 5: The Ides of April

  1. What should you put aside? This computer, probably.
  2. When did your heart most recently override your head? I don’t know! The only thing I can think of is, like, what they tell you about not letting a baby fall asleep in your arms so they learn to self-soothe and fall asleep on their own, but honestly, my kid’s a really good sleeper and I’ve always been kind of a stickler for following advice that leads to a happier baby in the long run. I joke that I’m the most hardass mom I know.
  3. What was the victim the last time you raided your fridge in the middle of the night? Usually, my last snack of the day is right before bed, and it’s usually milk and cookies.
  4. What was the subject of your most recently shot smartphone video? My son likes to take pictures on my phone because he likes the clicking sound it makes, so he likes to sit with it every so often and just take a bunch of photos or do a series of bursts. But sometimes, he gets clumsy and switches to video accidentally, so I have a bunch of videos I need to clear out that are just a few seconds of, like, him getting annoyed.
  5. Who have you avoided? Eh, I generally don’t make an effort to avoid people because there’s no one really I want to avoid in my life.

From Friday 5.

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