Friday 5: Dread Not

  1. When did you more recently need a piece of string? Never?
  2. Who’s been a pain in the neck? I don’t think anyone has, fortunately!
  3. What are you probably fretting needlessly about, or what bridge should you probably cross when you get to it? I don’t think I have anything for this one, either.
  4. What do you need to pick up this week? Our supply of toddler snacks is running low, particularly healthy ones like fruits and veggies. I was also asked to make cookies for my nephew’s birthday party, and I need to make a run for some of the ingredients. Several years ago now, I found this super easy Pinterest recipe for strawberry cheesecake cookies that’s pretty much just boxed strawberry cake mix and cream cheese and a few other cookie ingredient staples, and they’ve become, like, my signature party contribution that everyone always asks for. And while I’m doing that, the vet recommended a diffuser for stress relief for our cat Sarge, and our other cat, Robin, is low on food. I guess I should clarify that Robin and Sarge eat different food because Sarge has a history of urinary troubles.
  5. What have you only recently gone nuts over? I don’t know! I’m very behind on shows and movies everyone’s raving about, and my reading material is enjoyable but nothing I’m super excited about.

From Friday 5.

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