Friday 5: As Happy as Our Cruel World Allows

  1. Who has a great voice for acting in movies? Alan Rickman is coming to mind, may he rest in peace.
  2. When have you recently resisted temptation? We made a family trip to the zoo yesterday, and the gift shop had a couple of cute shirts that I liked but didn’t love and decided that was a reason not to get them.
  3. When did you last cry in front of someone? I don’t know! It’s been a while! It was probably in front of my husband, though.
  4. When did you receive encouragement from an unexpected person? It wasn’t encouragement, necessarily, but a compliment, and compliments can be encouraging, especially when it comes to writing, like this one was. A cousin of my husband commented on a piece of writing I shared–I honestly can’t remember which–and said she always enjoys reading what I have published and looks forward to the next.
  5. How old are some personal letters you’ve kept, and how easily do you throw personal letters away? I used to have letters from friends in elementary and middle school, especially from before we all got computers and Internet in our homes, but I honestly can’t tell you if I kept them. If I did and I were to come across them, I’d probably still hold on to them, unless they were from someone who I ended up not being on great terms with, but that’s honestly a very small number of people who probably never wrote me a letter anyway. They’re sentimental, and they capture what was going on at the time and what both I and the writer were like. They’re sentimental. Sure, they’ll mean nothing to my kids when I’m dead, but that’s fine. I do know I’ve also kept a few cards–all our wedding cards and anything we received when we announced my pregnancy and when our son was born, obviously, and a few stray ones, like the last birthday or Christmas cards I ever received from my grandparents before they died.

From Friday 5.

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