Friday 5: Perambulating

  1. What routine have you recently altered merely as a change of pace? I do this when I’m driving sometimes, although I can’t think of a recent example of it. My husband will sometimes take a different route to his parents’ house from my mom’s house just for something different.
  2. What unexpected occurrence did you recently take in stride? My husband travels for work. If he has a late returning flight (or very early departing flight), we send our two-year-old son for a sleepover at my mom’s house if we can, rather than loading him up in the car at like 3 a.m. or keeping him out close to midnight. On Thursday, my husband’s flight home was set to arrive around 8, which is usually bath time, but we figured it wasn’t a huge disruption and Charlie would rather see Daddy then go to my mom’s, plus he handles changes to his routine pretty well. In the afternoon, I happened to finish my library book and figured we’d pop over to the library on our way to the airport, play in the kids’ section a little, then hit the road, but timed a little early because of the library’s hours. I made the mistake of not checking the airline’s app before we left the library, and my husband’s flight was delayed about 40 minutes–and we got there early, too. I split the difference in time, spending about half in the car before loading Charlie in his stroller and heading in. I thought maybe we’d see something neat to occupy him until the flight landed, and although that didn’t happen, Charlie is fascinated by the luggage system and was totally fine with just hanging out for a little bit.
  3. Where do you go for a casual stroll? The park. We used to walk around town when we lived right there, but we’re out close to back roads now and I do not trust people to not hit us if we’d walk out here.
  4. Through how many gates did you pass this week? One, and I’d say it just barely qualifies as a gate–we went to a little public pool in the town where my brother and some in-laws live, and they have a kind of gate to get to the pool after you pay the front desk.
  5. Around whom (or what) have you been tiptoeing? I was gonna say nothing, but then I remembered–with subject of my messy house with my mom. In short–and this has been an issue in the past–my mom thinks any amount of clutter or mess is the same as a hoarding problem, and so if she’s in the house and I haven’t made as much progress cleaning and decluttering as I would like, I’m kind of hyperaware of it, especially because I know she’s brought up her “concerns” to my husband and I assume my brother, too, but I’m almost afraid to ask because I know my brother will give me the unfiltered version and I’ll just get pissed off. She delicately broached the subject a few times when she and I were at a wedding together last weekend, just the two of us, and I knew what she was tiptoeing around herself and therefore wasn’t very forthcoming, I guess you could say. To me, my husband is part of the problem and needs to do more in the house. To her, I’m the problem.

From Friday 5.

One response to “Friday 5: Perambulating”

  1. Moving back in with my folks has me thinking about this a lot. I wonder if any of us is completely free of at least one thing we tiptoe around with our parents. I’ve been on my own for so long that it’s been kind of easy to present my better self around them most of the time. Now that I live with them, I’m trying to just be more authentic and trust that it’s okay. It’s not an easy transition.

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