Friday 5: Dancing in September

  1. How did you spend the 21st night of September? Being that it was a Wednesday and I have a toddler, my husband gave him his nightly bath, we read him a story, and after we put him to bed, I took a bubble bath and went to bed myself.
  2. When did you last hear bells ringing (real bells, not something electronic)? Ooh, I don’t know. We’re not close enough to any churches to hear church bells, but my guess is that’s the most likely reason we’d hear bells, maybe if we happened to be in town close to a mass time.
  3. What have you done in recent months to chase the clouds away for someone else? Just by providing whatever support they need.
  4. What are some good songs sung in falsetto? So I did a Google search to sort of jog my memory and turned up this list, which really has some stellar picks, so I’m going with that. But I would also add Mika to this list, especially “Love Today” and “Grace Kelly,” and practically any Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons but especially “Dawn (Go Away).”
  5. Of earth, wind, and fire, which is likeliest to have a positive influence on your weekend? Fire. First of all, I like it, and especially as we head into fall, there’s the possibility of weekend bonfires and things like that.

From Friday 5.


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