Friday 5: Enclosures

  1. What’s something (besides an electronic device) for which you spent extra money on a protective case? I don’t think I have. I mean, I have a case for my contact lenses that’s a unicorn, but that was a small part of my birthday present from my mom.
  2. What product’s packaging do you find excessive or inadequate? I had an online order through Sephora semi-recently that came in a cardboard box that was kind of big for what was in it–it was mostly small things like lipsticks or eyeliner that have small, skinny packaging and could honestly be shipped in a large padded envelope, probably, instead of a box Come to think of it, I think Sephora, when it comes to small orders, is bad with wasteful packaging. Similarly, one of the brands they carry put out a vegan mascara people were really excited about, but it came in this huge package that was definitely for aesthetics and a lot of people weren’t happy about it.
  3. What are your preferences for food storage containers? We have these nice glass dishes with lids that seal tight that we really like. I also bought covers like these that just fit over our regular bowls, and we use the tiny one for the cats’ canned food.
  4. This coming week, what would you like to be shielded from? Annoying assignments at work.
  5. What’s something interesting you’re keeping in a plastic storage box in your home? Woof, whatever is lurking in boxes we haven’t touched since we moved in last year. There’s one with my old scrapbooks and other photos somewhere and one that I think is housing books still. There’s one with Christmas decorations. And two small ones with just silica powder that I used to preserve my wedding bouquet.

From Friday 5.


Friday 5: Time to Face the Strain

  1. When did you last make an adjustment to your daily getting-ready routine? This week and last month–I usually work from home, but we have an in-house rotation that’s a month long and comes up about once a year. Mine was in September, so I had to go to bed earlier so I could get up earlier so I could get ready for work and then make the drive in. The schedule changes on the first Monday of the month, which also happened to be the start of my weekend rotation, so I got Monday off, and for the rest of the week and the foreseeable future, I’m back to getting up about a half-hour before I’m due to start my shift. I have anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes back every day, too. It’s really nice. It’s kind of amazing what you can do with an extra hour every day
  2. When did you last try a new personal hygiene product? I bought one within the last couple weeks ago to try. It’s a toner that’s supposed to help control oil and minimize the look of your pores, and so far, it does seem to be working.
  3. What food or drink item have you most recently added to your regular consumption? When I was in the office, I was back to taking a lunch, so I was taking some sort of entree item and a few little side things like yogurt and other little snack items. I’m back to a smaller, simpler lunch since I can just grab something if I’m still hungry.
  4. What’s a brand-named product you recently abandoned your loyalty to? I can’t think of any in particular, and I say that as someone who does take things like politics and social issues into account when I buy things. I don’t think anything’s gotten the axe recently.
  5. What item in your wardrobe have you recently moved out of the regular rotation? I have this long purple skirt I was wearing to the office about once a week, and I was wearing a plain, darker purple shirt with it. Near the end of the month, I discovered it had a small hole in the shoulder that started to get bigger, so that’s been moved out of rotation and into a bag designated for clothing recycling.

From Friday 5.

Friday 5: For Ric and Ben

  1. Where did you go the first time you drove by yourself? Almost definitely my cousins’ house.
  2. Who was the first non-family non-instructor you drove anywhere, and where did you go? It would’ve had to have been friends, but I don’t remember. I was a late bloomer driving-wise and most of the friends I hung out with didn’t live super close, so it’s really unlikely that I was picking people up to go anywhere.
  3. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done behind the wheel? Driven with alcohol in my system. Not enough that I was a danger–I’m not that dumb and I know my limits–but enough that it was still dumb and that if I would’ve been pulled over, I would’ve at least been nervous.
  4. What’s the nicest drive you’ve ever taken? The drive up to the mountains has some nice parts. You’d think the whole thing would be nice because of the mountains, but the drive up isn’t very impressive, at least depending on which way you go–there’s not much of a view, and when you get up there, most of what you see is hotels and stores, or if you go up the way we do, houses, which are really nice but still don’t give you a great view. It’s when you start heading towards the river and waterfalls that you get the nice nature views. There was also a drive I took once I think to State College that took the back way and not the highways that was really nice.
  5. Who’s the worst driver you know? I’ve had some friends who we all thought we pretty bad, but I haven’t been a passenger with them in years, so who’s to say now? My dad was always bad–kind of careless and a dick. He used to say that the government trusted him to drive a tank so he couldn’t be that bad, and we’d say that was just proof that the government is stupid. But as much as I hate to say this publicly…my husband is. He used to be fine when he drove his parents’ massive 12-passenger van when we were dating, but when he bought a crossover that’s obviously much smaller, he got terrible. I don’t know if it’s a confidence thing or what, but he’s not always attentive, his speed is really inconsistent, he’s overconfident in the snow…I’m amazed he’s never been in an accident.

As always, from Friday 5.

Friday 5: dd/mm/yyyy

  1. What’s a good song with a time of day in its title? “12:51” by The Strokes and “10:15 Saturday Night” by The Cure.
  2. What’s a good song with a day of the week in its title? “Monday” by Black English, “I Don’t Like Mondays” by the Boomtown Rats, obviously, “Tuesday’s Dead” by Cat Stevens, “On a Friday” by Blaqk Audio, and another obvious one, “Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure.
  3. What’s a good song with a month in its title? “Forget December” by Something Corporate.
  4. What’s a good song with a year in its title? “1952 Vincent Black Lightning,” and I’m partial to Amanda Palmer’s version she did with her dad. And, of course, “December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) y the Four Seasons. And I’m gonna through in the “1812 Overture” by Tchaikovksy, my favorite composer. It’s looking like my second favorite is gonna be Camille Saint-Saens.
  5. What’s a good song with the word “time” in its title? “Foreplay/Long Time” by Boston, “Time and Confusion” by Anberlin, “The Times They Are A Changin'” by Bob Dylan, “Too Much Time on My Hands” by Styx, and, of course, “Time” by Pink Floyd.

Imagine if my full collection was on iTunes and therefore searchable…

As always, from Friday 5.

Friday 5: From the Top

  1. What’s a food or drink whose bottom is better than its top? Creme brulee, because I’m surely the only person alive who does not like the top. I’m also a fan of the caramel at the bottom of a caramel macchiato and how it mixes with the drink.
  2. What’s at the top of your weekend agenda? Sleeping in!
  3. When did you last wear a non-hat covering for your head? I have a headband in right now to push the bangs out of my face.
  4. What tunes did you spin this week? I actually compile a playlist and write about it every week over on Medium! I always like the weekly playlists, because obviously, but last week’s was longer than they’ve been lately and had a lot of great stuff on it. I post a new one every Friday.
  5. When were you last on the roof of a building? I’m not sure. Certainly not recently, and the only things coming to mind are parking garages.

From Friday 5.

Friday 5: Smallifying

  1. What mini version of a popular snack food is better than its original? I have always loved mini Butterfingers.
  2. What mini version of a popular snack food is not as good as its original? I don’t like mini Reese cups as much as the regular ones. I insist the filling isn’t as creamy and tastes a little different.
  3. What food, not yet miniaturized as far as you know, might make a great hors d’oeuvre for parties? Everything I think of has already been done!
  4. What snack food might be better in a giant size? ALDI sells this cookies called Knoppers that’s a wafer and creme. I’d eat a giant one of those.
  5. What five mini-scoops of ice cream flavors would go really well together? So first of all, the creamery at Penn State has coconut-chip ice cream that I adore. Keeping that in mind: coconut chip, mint chocolate chip, chocolate, cookies n cream, and chocolate-chip cookie dough. Not necessarily in that order, though.

From Friday 5.

Friday 5: Timing Is Everything

  1. What’s your hurry? There technically isn’t one, but I feel like I haven’t done much today. And I have to go into work tomorrow–as in the physical building, rather than working from home–for my monthly rotation, so I have to get up earlier tomorrow, which means I have to go to bed earlier tonight, which means my window to get things done is shrinking.
  2. Where’s the fire? In the backyard, but not until Wednesday. I finally found our box of matches, and we have a small burn pile that’s been waiting for them.
  3. You need it when? Eh, typically, I’d be antsy for my payday, but my mom was going through my dad’s safe and found a relatively small but still decent amount of money in cash and opted to split it in half between my brother and I. I’m still looking forward to payday, of course, it just doesn’t feel as important now.
  4. What’s your ETA? 7:00 tomorrow morning, right on time for my shift.
  5. What’s the holdup? As usual, myself.

From Friday 5.

Friday 5: Scattergories

From Friday 5, and I got an “l” from the random letter generator.

  1. What beverage do you enjoy but seldom have? Lattes. I only have them if I’m out and about and near a coffee shop, and even then typically only in the winter or if I can get an iced variety. It’s summer, so my coffee-shop go-to right now is iced tea.
  2. What’s better now than when you were a kid? Life. At least in some ways. I’m not one of those “I hate adulting and I wish I were a kid again types.” I love being independent and on my own.
  3. Who makes you happy? Lover. As in, my husband.
  4. Where do you go when you want to indulge? Lush. For relaxing bath products that I technically don’t need, but a good bubblebath can do wonders for the mind and body.
  5. Where’s a comfy place to sit? Loveseat. Ours is about as old as me–30–because it’s from my parents’ first apartment and definitely needs replaced, but we’re holding off on that until we get some other stuff paid off. Maybe even longer than that since my husband’s job is kind of up in the air. But for now, it’s generally soft and comfy and where we sit and watch our run of Netflix and Hulu shows in the evening. Sometimes with the cat perched at the top.

Friday 5: Heartbreak Hotel

Probably gonna do all seven rather than pick five!

  1. What’s down at the end of the Boulevard of Broken Dreams? Maybe nothing right now. I haven’t given up on anything and I’m too young for it to be too late.
  2. What’s down at the end of My Way? Probably just me where I am right now.
  3. What’s down at the end of Perfect Circle? Dana Scully’s snake tattoo.
  4. What’s down at the end of Asian Avenue? Great food.
  5. What’s down at the end of Sunday Drive? My grandparents’ house, where Grandma has made a breakfast a perfect poached eggs and toast, plus poppyseed cake and apricot cookies.
  6. What’s down at the end of Stay in Your Lane? Me again, except this time, I look really annoyed to be there and like I could take off running at any moment.
  7. What’s down at the end of Any Place? My dad died a week ago today, so my whole family at a buffet before a concert, like we always did and will continue to do, it’s just we’ll be down one next time.

As always, from Friday 5.