Top 5 on Friday: Overplayed

Top 5 current songs that are overplayed 

Man, can’t I just answer 99% of what’s on the radio?

1. “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” by Pink That said, I do quite like the song. It’s not that I’m sick of it, it’s just that it’s everywhere. I really, really like her, by the way. She’s got her shit together, and she seems so cool.

2. “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson Let’s be honest–in terms of silly, fluff pop songs, this song is brilliant. But it’s everywhere, and that makes it a bit annoying. And EVERYBODY knows it.

3. “Some Nights” by Fun. They’re in the same boat as Pink–the song is good. “Some Nights” is actually excellent, I think. It has fantastic attitude and such an epic opening. But it’s everywhere. Fun. managed to break out as an indie band when pop is, once again, reigning (and in recent years, when rock and indie have ruled or even broken out, they’ve sounded incredibly generic). So props and congratulations to them, but we don’t want them to explode and die out.

4. “We Are Young” by Fun. Same deal. It really is a great song, and I think it exploded because it was the summer and teenagers and 20-somethings latched onto a song that proclaimed, “Tonight/We are young/So let’s set the world on fire/We can burn brighter/Than the sun.” I mean, how could we not? You want a summer anthem, that’s it right there. Nothing else screams “party” or “late nights” quite the same way this year.

 5. “212” by Azealia Banks Okay, “212” hasn’t gotten significant play since early to mid summer, but I had friends who were obsessed with it. It’s a good song for sure, but at a certain point, I got tired of it. The good news is it may be acceptable to play it rotation–albeit a limited one.



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