Booking Through Thursday: Re-Reading Changes

I’ve asked before if you re-read your books (feel free to recap), but right now I want to know if that habit has changed? Did you, for example, reread more as a child and your access to new books was limited by how often you could convince your mother to take you to the library? Has the economy affected your access so that you’re forced to reread more often now? Have you grown to look at old books as old friends so that you’re happy to spend time with them rather than rushing the next new thing?

I can’t remember how much re-reading I did, but it feels like not a lot. Everyone knew I loved books, so everyone always bought me books and I was always reading something new, or I was going to the library…and reading lots of Nancy Drew. And honestly, that’s the way I should read now–my book shelf is mostly books I’ve never read at this point, and I should buckle down and stop buying new books and stop rereading until I’m done, but I could really die before I finish and rereading is fun. One should always revisit books they loved, or even books they were unsure of, both because you rediscover things and because as we get older and experience new things, our perspective shifts and we (hopefully) get wiser. That means a reread could uncover new things or have us relating to characters in different ways or relating to new characters entirely.


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