Booking Through Thursday: Love Stories

No, no, I’m not asking if you like romances … what I want to know is what is it about stories that you love? Is it the stories themselves? The people? The plot twists?

I’ve always, always loved stories in general. When I was a little kid, I used to beg adults to make up stories to tell me and I was never satisfied, probably because they’d say things like, “I don’t know any stories” and I thought making them up was a super easy thing that everyone did, which should’ve been a sign that I’d grow up to be a writer.

And that’s still pretty much what I love–just stories. Now, there are some specifics that help, although a story certainly doesn’t need to have every single one of these for me to love it. I love good writing, good characters, and good plotting. I love a story I can relate to, or a story that teaches me something new, or a story that’s vastly different from my own. I’m sure I’ve talked about this before, but one of the things I love about writing–not just reading–is the way it grants you someone else’s perspective and shows you their world. I love something smart that I can’t predict but that doesn’t cheat me, either, or insult my intelligence. I love being engaged and interested. I love being inspired. I love escapism, and I love just being entertained. I love discussion, I love dissecting, I love nuances, I love discovering new things or rediscovering things on a reread. I love getting excited about something. I love sharing it. I love it being shared with me.

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