Booking Through Thursday: Covers

Hardcovers or paperbacks?

I don’t think I actually prefer one over the other, although each has its advantages. I like the durability and quality of hardcovers, especially if I can pick them up used on the cheap. But I like the size and convenience of paperbacks, especially because I like to keep a book in my purse. I like having something to read in case I’m out somewhere and need to occupy my time without just mindlessly sitting around and getting bored–especially if my phone isn’t an option or I don’t want to play tons of games or dick around on social media–plus it’s easier to just stash one in there for weekends when I go to Paul’s or my parents’ house. They’re also a lot cheaper, which is nice, and it means I can stock up easily, especially if I’m spending a gift card. I like to make those go as far as possible. Paperbacks are easier for my tiny hands to hold and handle, too.


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