Friday 5: Stay and Let Me Look at You

  1. (Earth, Wind & Fire) Why are you dancing in September? Look, I’m definitely a summer girl. Fall-lovers like to think they’re in the minority, but judging by all the “ready for Halloween” Facebook posts I keep seeing, they’re really not. For me, September means the start of the slow death of my favorite season. But there’s a silver lining–the weather is still pretty warm and nice most of the time, and there’s a lot going on, like everyone’s trying to take advantage of that and cram in events and festivals while they can. So normally, we go to Gettysburg this weekend, but that was canceled because of rain and instead, I went to a local Oktoberfest last night, I’m going to the covered-bridge festival today, and next weekend, I’m going to see Henry Rollins. There’s still lots of fun to be had before I hibernate for the winter.
  2. (Neil Diamond) September morning still can make you feel what way? Optimistic. It’s not cold yet!
  3. (Green Day) What are some things you have to endure until September ends? The aforementioned “ready for fall” people, because at least when we’re in it, they won’t be talking about it so much. But then it’ll be the “ready for Christmas” people, so…
  4. (Kool & the Gang) What place or thing is your September love? Gettysburg, I think. We’ve been going out there this time of year for a few years now–even though I think this is like the third or fourth one I’ve missed–and it’s a place we’ve visited so many times that we know our way around really well and can just kind of go and hang out. And I think our new cat, Robin, is my new September love, since we got her right after Labor Day.
  5. (Willie Nelson) What is your September song for the rest of the month? Probably the aforementioned Earth, Wind & Fire “September” because it’s such a great song. I don’t have a specific song I’ve been super into lately or a go-to song for September otherwise.

As always, from Friday 5.

2 thoughts on “Friday 5: Stay and Let Me Look at You”

  1. Oooh, Rollins. I’ve had a few chances to see him and have never made it. Is he still doing spoken word shows too? I’m assuming this is a musical performance. Have fun!


    1. Nope, not music, so yes, he’s still doing spoken word! This is billed as a talk about his travels. I’ve missed a few chances to see him in the past, too, so I’m really looking forward to it.

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