Friday 5: Social Capital

  1. Who or what keeps hanging around? My best friend’s damn ex-boyfriend, who’s been hangin’ on since she dumped him. She’s dating someone else–someone much better–but they still talk and the dude’s kind of an ass. He even is keepin’ on keepin’ on after my sister-in-law took her phone at a party, called him an asshole, and said to leave her alone.
  2. When was something most recently injected into you? Probably the last flu shot I got two years ago. I had the day off when they were giving them at work last year and didn’t get one, and man, did I regret that–I ended up gradually coming down with the flu starting Christmas Day. This year, I work remote and the clinic is only until 3, which is right when I’d be finishing up work, so I wouldn’t have time to drive over. I could probably work it out so I could get one, but I think I might just go to a pharmacy for one instead. I shouldn’t have to pay for it either way.
  3. What were you most memorably the chair person of? I’m gonna call myself the chair person of our house’s party planning. I’ve never really been in charge of anything legit and I’m definitely the more proactive one between me and my husband, and we threw a small party over the weekend, so you can guess who handled the bulk of the planing. Come to think of it, I handled the bulk of our wedding last year, too, although I did delegate some tasks.
  4. When did you last gamble on a decision, and what was at stake? I don’t know! Maybe whether or not to respond to people’s douchey Facebook posts, my sanity being the thing at stake?
  5. Where will you be heading this weekend? Last weekend, we picked up my youngest sister-in-law, who turned 21 a couple week ago, and had a small party for her. She stayed her pretty much all weekend, then we took her back to her college. This coming weekend, I’ve got my heart set on Rocky Horror!

As always, from Friday 5.

2 thoughts on “Friday 5: Social Capital”

  1. How participatory do you get with Rocky Horror? Do you dress up? I admit I’ve only seen it at home on my TV, but someday I’ll go to a real screening.

    1. I dress up. Not as anyone specific, but I dive into my wardrobe and find something as appropriate for the show as I can. I also yell things, but I’ve never taken the time to put together all the props to throw.

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