Friday 5: Salt Fat Acid Heat

  1. What are some very salty foods you enjoy? God, I over-salt everything. Soups, pretzels, Ramen when I still ate it…
  2. What areas of your life could stand a little fat-trimming? Debt, but that probably goes for all of us, and it’s a work in progress anyway. My closet because I have way more clothes than I need, but I can tell you I’ll part with a tiny fraction of it. Stuff in general, especially having bought a house last year. There’s the shit from the apartment we don’t need–we still have a lamp surplus–plus my mom took that opportunity to unload junk of mine that was stashed in her basement. So there are all sorts of things lying around that could go.
  3. How acid-tongued are you? I can be, but I choose not to be. All in all, though, I think I’m pretty mild, especially compared to how nasty some people can be. I can be biting, but not horrible.
  4. What’s an interesting way you’ve burned yourself? I once spilled hot chocolate in my lap as a kid. But now it’s either I’m not waiting for my food to cool down or I used a straightening iron like three times out of the whole year and hurt myself. Or curling iron. Why does someone with natural curls need a curling iron? To make the curls look nice, duh.
  5. What are your favorite everyday cooking implements? I don’t think I have one. Could be because I don’t cook enough.

From Friday 5.


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