Friday 5: Groovy, Rad, Lit

  1. Which slang term from your youth, no longer in common use, do you remember fondly? I was a ’90s kid, and I said “talk to the hand” and “whatever” a lot as a sassy, attitude-filled child.
  2. What slang do you still use, ‘though it’s no longer in common use? I still do say “whatever” a lot, and “sweet.” Do the kids say “sweet” these days?
  3. Which current (or sorta recent) slang terms do you particularly like? I like “lit” and “stan,” although I don’t really use them.
  4. Which slang terms, past or present, do you especially dislike? I hate “bae”! And I hated that period of time when people said “preggo” or “preggers” instead of “pregnant.”
  5. What slang terms are specific to your geographical region? I mean, have you heard of Pittsburghese? We’re known for “yinz” in particular, but there’s a number of other words, phrases, and pronunciations unique to the area. Some have suggested that it’s largely a class thing–that blue-collar workers in particular use it–but I’d argue it’s age, too. I know very few people my age who do, save a few “yinz”s thrown into texts.

From Friday 5.

2 thoughts on “Friday 5: Groovy, Rad, Lit”

  1. Stan! That’s a good one. I forgot about stan. I’ve heard a lot about yinz – probably because I’m close to the other side of Pennsylvania. You’d probably think that Philly says “yo” all of the time too..actually they do. 🙂

  2. Two of my favorite media personalities (Howard Fineman of NBC and Torie Clarke, who has worked in three Republican presidential administrations as a communciations expert but don’t hold it against her because she’s awesome) are both from Pittsburgh so I hear a lot about “yinzers” from them. I think it’s charming when they talk about it, sometimes with each other. 🙂

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