2022 could very much be a big, transitional year for us–in the spring, Paul finishes his MBA and reenters the workforce, and depending on where he lands, it could mean a move is in the cards for us. Not a major one, mind you. I’d like to stay within an hour of our parents, and my ideal is to find some sweet spot that puts us closer to both our family and friends. But in the interests of reasonable commutes, and hey, maybe even getting a bigger, nicer house, moving is possible. So is me leaving my job to do the stay-at-home mom thing, depending on how much he makes, and then there’s the issue of expanding our family. We’d both like to have another kid, but for very obvious reasons, that’s on hold until we figure everything else out. So a lot of 2022’s goals have very large question mark and “ifs” attached to them.

Like last year, I’m dividing this into two categories, the second being a sort of “post-COVID” one, and I think it’s less optimistic than a year ago, before I was vaccinated. The numbers aren’t great, folks.

Ramp up freelance work. With a few different opportunities floating around, I’ve got the potential for a little bit of a side hustle going for supplemental income, but if it does turn out that I can quit working full-time, I do still want to be filling my time with something other than just childcare.
Read 16 books. This was my exact goal as last year, and I hit it with days left in the year. So I figure setting the same number for this year is a safe bet, and if I exceed it, great!
Closet purge. I’ve mentioned a few times here and there that working out in any meaningful, regular way is hard with a toddler, a full-time job, and a husband in grad school, so in the last half of 2021, I gave myself until New Year’s Day to count calories and lose some weight that way and decided that after that point, anything left in my closet that doesn’t fit has to go. Unflattering fits can stay–temporarily–but let the purge begin.
Match 2021’s pace for writing submissions. My original 2021 pitch/submission goal was once a month, mostly because I thought weekly was too ambitious–but as it turns out, I did keep up a weekly pace for a good chunk of the year. I don’t see any need to try to outdo that, especially considering when I didn’t keep up that pace, it was mostly because I didn’t have anywhere to send what I’d most recently polished up. But hey, outdoing my number of published pieces wouldn’t be too bad.
Home improvements. As always. A few things on 2021’s list got abandoned in the end due to COVID, so I’d maybe, maybe, like to revisit those if I feel comfortable. So from last year carrying over, landscaping, restain the deck, stumps removal, and replacing our water heater with a tankless one. But our laundry room is already on track for an upgrade! So there’s that. Our washer and dryer have been slowly shitting the bed for months, and we have replacements coming…on backorder until early February. But because we were forced to get stacking machines–which I wanted anyway–it’s also forcing a bit of rearranging in there, so my hope is that with the new machines in, I can look at ways to expand storage since ultimately, they will be taking up less space. There’s also a wall that needs painted that we keep forgetting about because we’re just used to looking at it.
Garden. Man, last year we did better with getting back on track as far as planting but let it get away from us as far as upkeep. So here’s to hoping we’ll have it managed this year, and with a toddler around, maybe he’ll be anxious to help.
Knock out debt. We chip away at it year after year, but I really want to buckle down this year and put a more noticeable dent in it.
Be a kick-ass mom. As always!

And the items that hinge on COVID, which are pretty much exactly the same as last year:
Travel. Last year, my non-COVID-contingent list included “make a plan for my vacation time,” and while I should be doing that this year for the same reasons I did it last year, I’m not as worried about it. But I would like to put it to travel, except here we are, yet again, with a new COVID variant surging, cases raging, and me mostly unwilling to go anywhere that doesn’t involve staying with family and doing a lot outdoors. Plus our list of people to visit is dwindling, with so many friends and family having wandered back home. Which is great! It just means a smaller travel network.
Concert photography. Will 2022 finally be the year I do this? Probably not! But I can keep putting it on my list!

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