1. What’s your favorite Bill Murray performance? I don’t know that I can pick one, in part because there are some iconic Bill Murray movies I still haven’t seen.
  2. What’s been a highlight of your winter so far? The holidays, probably. The weekend of Christmas had so much fun and great people packed into it that it was one of those standout holidays. And unfortunately, it ended up being the last time I saw my friend Sarah’s dad, as he died last week. So I’m glad we had a silly karaoke night at the house with him.
  3. What’s there to look forward to in the next six weeks? Mardi Gras next weekend and Swan Lake with the symphony the weekend after that.
  4. Too early for flapjacks? Never.
  5. If someone in a bar asks to buy you a drink (and let’s just say for the sake of the question you are amenable), what do you order? If I’m in the mood for something fruity, an Angry Orchard or Redd’s, or I’ll look at the cocktails and find something, preferably with pineapple. I kind of cycle between Amaretto sours and tequila sunrise these days. If I want something a little more crisp, a mojito.

As always, from Friday 5.


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