Friday 5: Busy

  1. What kind of specialized equipment do you own for a specific non-electronic hobby or job? Most of my hobbies don’t really need much specialized equipment, but guitar stuff–mostly things like strings, tools to change the strings, and a tuner. I haven’t played in easily a few years, but once we’re doing moving, I intend to prioritize it again.
  2. In what way can this equipment be upgraded or souped-up, and how difficult or expensive would the update be? I mean, as far as the actual guitars, there’s always all kinds of stories about the ways musicians beef up their guitars. Unless we’re talking a simple string change, almost anything’s gonna be expensive.
  3. In your fields of interest, what’s the gear envy like? I mean, I feel like every person who plays guitar has looked at another guitar and gone, “Holy shit, I want that one.” But we also love our guitars because they’re ours. I have four, and my first electric and first acoustic will always be special. My favorite is my red acoustic one, though, because it’s so pretty.
  4. What’s something you own the old version of because it’s better than the new version? I say this all the time for questions like this, but I still buy both books and CDs–DVDs, too, but those seem a little more acceptable to have these days. Music just isn’t the same for me if it’s a bunch of files on a device, and books are kind of the same. I also just don’t like relying on electronics for everything.
  5. What’s a hobby you don’t engage in that intrigues you mostly because of its equipment or tools? It’s not really because of the tools–or maybe it kind of is–but I’m fascinated by glass-blowing. I’d love to take that up, but I definitely don’t have the space and I hear it’s expensive on top of that. There is a place in Pittsburgh that does classes and small crafts, though, and I’d love to remember to go do on sometime.

As always, from Friday 5.

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