Friday 5: Scattergories

From Friday 5, and I got an “l” from the random letter generator.

  1. What beverage do you enjoy but seldom have? Lattes. I only have them if I’m out and about and near a coffee shop, and even then typically only in the winter or if I can get an iced variety. It’s summer, so my coffee-shop go-to right now is iced tea.
  2. What’s better now than when you were a kid? Life. At least in some ways. I’m not one of those “I hate adulting and I wish I were a kid again types.” I love being independent and on my own.
  3. Who makes you happy? Lover. As in, my husband.
  4. Where do you go when you want to indulge? Lush. For relaxing bath products that I technically don’t need, but a good bubblebath can do wonders for the mind and body.
  5. Where’s a comfy place to sit? Loveseat. Ours is about as old as me–30–because it’s from my parents’ first apartment and definitely needs replaced, but we’re holding off on that until we get some other stuff paid off. Maybe even longer than that since my husband’s job is kind of up in the air. But for now, it’s generally soft and comfy and where we sit and watch our run of Netflix and Hulu shows in the evening. Sometimes with the cat perched at the top.

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